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Published On: Fri, Dec 21st, 2012

Sony Xperia Yuga Exposed in Russia- Prototype

The rumors seem to be getting more power as Sony Xperia Yuga prototype has been found in Russia. This widely anticipated smartphone is one more time shown at the Russian Mobile Review site where it is claimed the images of this phone with 5-inch screen.

What is more interesting to know is that Sony Xperia has launched numerous series continuously at a stretch. However, all the devices were found with little tweaks, making owners confused as to which one to buy. Well, the pricing varied, but none of the devices fulfilled the owner’s requirements since either the processor was less or resolution which was almost same on all, or something else. Still, some of the handsets priced more and none of them were below 10k for budget owners. Well, of all the consequences, if this one launches as we are expecting, you can see a real beast offered by Sony Xperia.

Sony Xperia Yuga

The leaks show that the design of this handset is pretty more similar to those earlier leaks that suggest that the rumor or leaks are for real. One of the best features of Yuga is its high power and lock key that appears to be fixed at the sides of this device. Well, we can’t be sure until Sony makes any reveal, or it can tweak the design and present something different to its customers.

As per rumor, the Sony Xperia Yuga is packed with a Full HD 5-inch screen with a revolutionary13 megapixel primary camera and quad-core processor. If these features turn true then expect the direct competition of this handset with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the recently announced Droid DNA/HTC Butterfly.

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