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Published On: Tue, Dec 4th, 2012

Solar Powered Digital Bonsai Tree to Charge Cellphones

Nemerous ways of phone charging have introduced to give options to users when they need the phone battery in extreme conditions. Now a new technology, a digital bonsai tree has been launched to charge cellphones. It simply looks like a showpiece but is more tech-related stuff for which many will chase for. This makes charging much easier and more when you don’t have to wait for the electric port to get free for charging your cellphone.

This beautiful piece of charger has been designed by a designer from France. It is a little bonsai tree that holds different charging ports atop its stems so more than one cellphones can be charged through this tree at once.

Vivien Muller has created this Electree+ on which total 27 miniature silicon solar panels have been attached or you can say leaves which can be arranged as per the requirements by owners. At the base of this beautiful gadget locates a battery that runs on solar energy. So the device holds full capacity and even carries power to charge the iPad twice a day. To charge a cellphone from this gadget takes around four hours.

Solar Powered Digital Bonsai Tree

As the name given, the Electree+ comes with a USB connection that relies under its wooden-finish base unit. Vivien Muller said that he was inspired to create a product after seeing real trees. And when the leaves are acting as natural solar panels, there is no better way to promote eco-friendly lifestyle.

This inspiring gadget will cut down energy bills and will come for 283 pounds.

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