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Published On: Mon, Feb 25th, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Unveiled, Challenges Apple’s iPad mini

Now this is something that you cannot resist. This new and bigger beast will take your heart out when it will come on your hand. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, bigger than all variants and better than many leading devices. Samsung has increased the size of its Galaxy Note to 8.0 which directly challenges the leading tech giant Apple that had launched iPad Mini.

Samsung has unveiled its fresh tablet lately and directly targeted iPad Mini which was launched in November 2012. Galaxy Note 8.0 is a bit larger as compared to Apple’s tablet and also flaunts its signature stylus to write and design smoothly. This South Korean tech giant seems to be revolutionizing the tablet world where users can enjoy a tablet but access it like a smartphone. This is just an expression of internal war going on between two leading tech giants – Samsung and Apple. So this new product could hold all those specs which are enough to overthrow the new Apple iPad Mini.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

With a screen size of 8-inch, Samsung has challenged the 7.9-inch iPad Mini which is the smallest iPad product of Apple till date. No official announcement is made by Samsung about its price, but expect it to be sometime between April and June as per the launch statement made by the company in Barcelona, Spain during its unveil. The company has made a clear statement that they were the firm that started tablet revolution and now they would reignite it. They also said that this new product offered a new era of intelligent Note technology that is set to reignite the mid-size tablet segment that it established in 2010. Samsung firstly launched its Galaxy Tab with 7 inch screen in 2010 which carried forward with a series of variants.

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