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Published On: Thu, Dec 27th, 2012

Now unlock your car from smartphone: Technology to come in 2 yrs

Time has brought us to a new era where we can access our bank accounts, transfer money, shop online and do a lot of things from our smartphones without even visiting the place physically. With the rise of technology, now it is time to witness something more enchanting and surprising. This time, you would be shocked to know that a smartphone can unlock your car from remote location.

Isn’t this surprising?

Well, a new technology made this thing possible where you can unlock your car from your smartphone without using your keys. So, now you can misplace your keys pretty often without even worrying or searching for while in rush. Engineers of Hyundai, the South Korean Unlock your car from smartphoneautomobile manufacturer have invented a new system that lets the smartphone give access to unlock the doors of a car and function as a car key. This new technology will be made public within two years as it is now in developmental phase.

This new system will not only use Bluetooth, but will also deploy wireless Near Field Communication or in short NFC that helps to lock and unlock the car by just waving your phone over a small tag on your car’s window. Apart from this, when your device is syncing and streaming to the car’s touchscreen and infotainment system, you can simply place it on a pad in the centre console to charge it wirelessly. So what do you think about this high technological era?

This new system designed by Hyundai engineers also store in-car preferences some of which are seating positions, radio stations, and mirror adjustment. With this, you can save multiple profiles for varied drivers.

First of all, this system was demonstrated on Hyundai’s renowned concept version i30 in Germany. The auto manufacturer said developing this system was part of its aim of producing technology for the mainstream consumer.

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