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Published On: Wed, Apr 11th, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 Possesses Software Bug

Nokia Lumia 900 has already gained a lot of attention in the market right after unveiling this model in the smartphone market. However, now the cellphone manufacturer Nokia has disclosed that its flagship model, Lumia 900 has software bug.

 Nokia Lumia 900 Possesses Software BugBy launching this new flagship model in the smartphone market, Nokia had planned to re-enter in the US smartphone market, which now seems to be postponed due to this troubleshoot. Due to the software bug, Nokia fails to dominate the market rulers like Apple and Google as its new device gives weak performance. The Nokia Lumia 900 uses Microsoft’s Windows Phone software and has become the major flaw as of now that pulls the maker behind in the competitive league.

Carolina Milanesi, the Gartner analyst has said that it is like they stalled their engine when everybody is looking at them at the start of their race. The Nokia Lumia 900 went on sale in the U.S. after tying up with AT&T on April 8. However, Nokia is yet to launch its flagship model globally which was planned to be released at the quarter of 2012.

The Nokia smartphone unit chief Jo Harlow and Nokia US chief Chris Weber have said in their joint statement that a memory management issue was discovered to the phone that could in some cases lead to loss of data connectivity. However, they also mentioned that this issue is purely in the phone software and is not related to phone’s hardware or network. To sort out this problem, they have stated that a solution would be available which one can expect on April 16.

The manufacturer has said that owners who have already bought Nokia Lumia 900 or will buy by April 21 would be given $100, adding the credit to their AT&T bill. The price of this phone as sold by the operator is $99.99 and is provided with a two year contract.

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