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Published On: Sun, Dec 23rd, 2012

New Airbag System to Safeguard Smartphone

How would you feel if your most important thing – Smartphone, falls off to the ground? It will obviously make you helpless and you would just see it happening. Most of the time phone covers are of no use in saving your phone to shatter on the ground. There is no need to worry for that anymore because now creators have made a cover that will work on motion sensor to save your Smartphone. This cover will shield your Smartphone by an air bag just before your device hits on a hard surface. Well, without letting you wait further lets remove the curtain. A new technology has been designed that will safeguard your phone from getting damaged.

To be more precise, a new Airbag system has been created for smartphone that gets activated when a phone drops on the floor.

An innovation is made by reputed online retailer Amazon that builds its own creations. Amazon has exclusive rights for many of its creation the same thing goes with the airbag cover. The company owner Jeff Bezos has got this protective system patented this week. The idea behind it is if a device falls on a hard surface, the chances of damage would be eliminated or reduced by this airbag.

New Airbag System

This system will boast a gyroscope, a camera, sensors and an accelerometer which will allow the system to inform itself that it’s in the air and in return the system will shoot airbags out of it will change the way it is falling by jets. This will sound implausible but people spend too much in just repairing their Smartphone’s. So this will be an alternative as a precaution and it will be able to make a place in the market.

So, you see how interesting this airbag system is and no doubt it will gain a lot of attention in market, but this could increase the weight and thickness of your phone. So, lets wait for the news to come in future.

The only question arises is if just a cover holds these many things how bulky the device will get? We expect your comment below and how do you feel about this new technology. If this technology gains momentum, of course the market players such as Google, Apple or even Samsung can think of adding this feature in their upcoming models.

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