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Published On: Thu, Sep 29th, 2011

Microsoft and Samsung sign a cross-licensing deal; Google unhappy

Recently, Microsoft and Samsung signed a cross-licensing deal, under which the latter will pay the former for using the technology of its Android-based devices. In return, Microsoft will help Samsung to market its new Windows Phone Mango devices.

Samsung has recently launched its new Omnia W: the first Samsung phone that uses Microsoft’s Windows Phone Mango. The company had signed a similar contract with HTC as well. However, Google is not very happy with the latest happening. Google has openly said that this is extortion. It further said that the company is now used to to these tactics of Microsoft to attract buyers.

Fortunately, until now there has been no blaming on Samsung from any side. The company is already involved in a couple of cases over patent copy against Apple in many countries. Another case against the company would definitely demote its reputation.

However, until now, both the companies have limited themselves to word games, and there are no news of any lawsuit.

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