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Published On: Mon, Dec 10th, 2012

Indians still waiting for iPhone 5: Available in gray market without warranty

Even if you are not getting the new iPhone 5 then at least you have one option of heading to the gray market and grab instantly to serve your desire. However, we wouldn’t recommend you to do that. Though the phone will come for low price than the original price, but you will have to buy it without warranty. So, if you find any problem with your cellphone, you will be solely responsible.

The craze for this cellphone is so intense that the manufacturer has sold total five million units in just three days of its launch. More than two million people have already pre-ordered it and many are still waiting to spare more money to get this phone.

The manufacturer has planned to roll out this new phone in more countries as per their set target. Around 50 countries are on list in next few phases of launch. In this list, India is included, but for now owners have to simply wait. The fact is, iPhone 5 has officially launched a month ago, but many are still holding their dreams to get their hands on it.

Indians still waiting for iPhone 5

Indian retailers have claimed that low numbers arrive to them and all the units get sold immediately. The record breaking iPhone 5 has undoubtedly a wonderful phone demanded by many. Some people have also made advance payment or deposits to get this phone when stocks arrive.

As of now, the best bet is to check out every week whether or not the phone is available. Those who cannot just wait anymore will compromise iPhones without warranty. Moreover, buyers can also shop from shopping sites like eBay India if they are looking for Apple India warranty and are ready to pay premium. A 16GB iPhone 5 is available for a price between Rs. 48,000 to Rs. 50,000.

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