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Published On: Wed, Jan 18th, 2012

Datawind resists IIT test standard for Aakash tablet

Datawind, the IT device maker of Aakash tablet has announced that the criteria for product testing by IIT Jodhpur cannot be applied to the tablet’s first version which is the first cheapest tablet in the world. It is supplied by Datawind for the students in India who need a lowest priced tablet to fulfill their educational requirements. After tying up with the government, Datawind has become successful in launching world’s cheapest priced tablet.

Basically, the test criteria for IIT Jodhpur includes water resistance and other conditions where each Aakash tablet will be placed to test in a rain chamber and the rain will be supplied at a rate of around 4 inches an hour. As confirmed by Sunit Sing Tuli, the CEO of Datawind has said that the test specifications have been planned by the IIT and is not listed on the original tender passed by the company. Tuli has said that the price point at which these tablets are been manufactured cannot be compared to the $1000 laptop. He also added that the company has supplied good quality product with better specs as compared to what the IIT Jodhpur was issued.

The test criteria what IIT Jodhpur proposed is based on military specs where the tablet could withstand strong fall. In other words, Aakash tablet should be a rugged product. According to that, Tuli has informed to the press that they are objecting to the military specs as it does not make any sense.

The reason why IIT has to interfere in this matter is that it was given responsibility to obtain $35 which is around Rs. 2000 tablet under the NME-ICT (National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technologies) of the Ministry of HRD programme. Tuli has also announced that the company has well-communicated its view to the concerned IIT Director and is certain in bringing the proposed change in test criteria soon. Also, the Letter of Credit will be stretched further, enabling the company to get the payment from banks once the government gives approval to this device and interacts with the banks for delivering payments. Tuli has also said that the government of India will supply the entire set of 1 lakh unit as a long term commitment.

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