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Published On: Tue, Dec 4th, 2012

Happy Birthday SMS: Turned 20, But Losing Its Demand

SMS has become a medium of communication which is done in bulk each day by most of the person. It is proud to say that SMS has grown older and has celebrated its 20th birthday all over the world.

Today, if you have to spend a day without SMS, you will feel literally helpless. Dating back to time, the first ever text message that was sent from a personal computer to Vodafone number was in December 1992. The text was “Merry Christmas” and it was sent by Neil Papworth from his personal computer to Richard Jarvis (to his Vodafone). It has been 20 years now and SMS is becoming more popular and useful for people all over the world. Many instead of calling prefer sending SMS and stay connected to friends and families.

However, due to the trend of internet and staying online 24×7, the trend of SMS has been reduced. Most of the popularity has been grabbed by IMs and tweets. Now due to smartphones, one can stay online throughout the day and can chat to people through Gmail, Yahoo Messenger, Whatsapp, BlackBerry Messenger, or other services and that too free of cost. This resulted in less usage of SMS since it charges some amount to send per text.

Happy Birthday SMS

Still, around four billion people all over the world use SMS, but the volume of sending text messages have been declined as reported by media watchdog Ofcom.

It was the year 1993, when the first commercial SMS services were started in Sweden. It was soon followed by US and UK.

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