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Published On: Thu, Sep 22nd, 2011

Google Plus now open for all

After testing its new social networking site for about 12 weeks with limited set of people, Google now opens Google Plus for all the users.
Initially, users were allowed to sign up for the new site only after receiving an invitation. However, Google said in a blog post that the site is now open for everyone, and anyone can start using it without invitation. To make people aware about the new website, Google has added a shortcut on the top left tab, which helps users to switch from Gmail to Google search to Google Plus and so on.

This new site has several new features, which aren’t available on other social networking sites. One of the features is ‘Hangouts’, which allows users of Google Plus to video chat with several friends at a time. This feature can also be used on Android smartphones by accessing the front camera. Similarly, there is ‘Hangouts on Air’ which allows users to upload and broadcast video, and view others’ videos.

This step comes only days before the biggest social networking website, Facebook, F8 conference, wherein FB is expected to talk about several new features it is planning to launch. Facebook, Google Plu’s biggest competitor, now has over 750 million users.

This is probably too early to discuss on whether or not it will beat Facebook. However, the site is sure to give a change to all the social people online.

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