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Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2012

Google Android Jelly Bean Operating System: Release Date

Still the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system has not yet available widely in the market and Google has updated that it is working on the new OS which will be an updated version of ICS. It is the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system that has been planned to be released sometimes later. People were already excited about the fastest ICS upgrade and now this news has sparked chaos around as to how fastest this new operating system will be and how much more excitement it could add ahead of the already existing one.

Update :

One thing that turns the mood on is the name selection of these faster OS’ – Ice Cream Sandwich and now Jelly Bean. And their posters are literally compelling. So, let us just wait for the day when Google will announce something about its all new upgrade over Android 4.0 ICS Google Mobile Operating System. Right since the day rumors spread about this new upgrade, speculations haven’t stopped and a lot of views have been reported from experts. Considering the updates, the Jelly Bean was planned to be code named as 5.0 version of Google Android. No wonder, this OS upgrade will be far more incremental as the current version and the code name has been set as 4.1.

Release Date :

Technically, the Android Jelly Bean was planned to be released on June 2012. So far, Google Jelly Bean has become official as the statue of this new OS can be found at the Google campus lawns. The official launch is still not confirmed, but we can expect it to be released sometimes soon. Reports suggest that Google will unveil this new upgrade of Android at its annual Google I/O event that begins from today – June 27, 2012.

Android Jelly Bean Operating System

What You Can Expect :

If not anything, at least you can expect Google Android Jelly Bean to bring surprises including dual boot function and some high level of Android experiences that one had ever experienced.

When it comes to key features, Google has already launched a default browser – Google Chrome for Android. So, now the Jelly Bean will hit the grounds by offering amazing web surfing experience just like the way we use on our own computers. This 4.1 OS has been designed to run the tablets and phones powerfully. And when this OS will be mated with dual core or quad core processors, you can understand how the device will perform – super quick. However, when more power is put to the phone, you need more battery to give that much backup as well. Android 4.1 will eat a lot of battery quickly, so you need maximum powered battery life to go hand-in-hand with high-definition, good quality 3D games and others.

First Update on Google’s Phone :

There are possibilities that we see a “lite” version of Jelly Bean that has been planned to run the budget devices, letting manufacturers to provide super-cheap smartphones for the budget-oriented consumers. Google will launch its new upgrade with its own brand device and the rumor has it that Google will launch 4.1 Jelly Bean with its own device – Google Nexus 7 tablet.

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