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Published On: Thu, May 10th, 2012

DoD approves BlackBerry 7 models

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has approved six BlackBerry 7 models that will be used its networks. This has been lately announced by RIM (Research in Motion). BlackBerry phones have long been used by the US Army and other Defense Department personnel, but each model has to be approved by the authorities for national security where data breach can endanger the nation. This strengthens the relationship with the smartphone that is popular for providing tight security. The Defence personnel can only use handsets which are capable of call receiving and calling. So, special devices are made by RIM to cater their requirements without integrating cameras and other specs that could threaten the nation and its security.

RIM is focusing more on its next-gen BlackBerry 10 devices that will be released later in 2012. However, this approval of six models will enable this single largest customer RIM to upgrade its latest phones. The department that handles the US military forces had used BlackBerry devices previously where earlier versions of the OS were used. However, those operating systems provided slow internet browser and other shortcomings. Apart from this, the department is also focusing on other part that is to introduce a mobile device that comes with Google Inc’s Android software. The company has announced total 2,50,000 BlackBerry smartphones have been used by the department and this number makes RIM the world’s largest employer.


Some of the new advantages that the defense personnel can use are n ear field communications and voice activated universal search. In a statement, Scott Totzke from RIM has said that the security was crucial for several corporate and government customers, but leveraging the full power of BlackBerry smartphones is also very important as it helps them realize the full potential of their investment in the BlackBerry platform.

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