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Published On: Sun, Feb 24th, 2013

Die Hard game now available on Apple’s iOS and Android

Die Hard is one of the most popular action films amongst the youth. The latest installement of this movie was released recently and there was a game released for it on both Android and iOS. The game is based on the movie and you play Jai Courtney/Jack McClane who is son of John McClane/Bruce Willis, the most popular cop in New York. You need to go on the mean streets of Moscow and go to Chernobyl radioactive waste land for saving the world from terrorism.

It is FPS or first person shooter and this game will immerse you in hours of enjoyment and action. You get plenty of weapons and power ups for settling bad guys. There are weapons, locations, and characters borrowed from ‘A Good Way To Die Hard’ movie.

Die Hard game

This game was developed by POSSIBLE, a digital firm along with partnership of Fox Digital Entertainment. This game will get support from the 2 firms and there will be updates provided with new extras and missions to make sure fans keep coming back.

Android users will need to pay $0.99 and Android version is available for free. There will be Kindle version launched soon.

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