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Published On: Thu, Nov 15th, 2012

BlackBerry unveiled new handsets to be launched on January 30

The leading manufacturer of smartphones and business phones, BlackBerry has unveiled new handsets that are expected to be launched on January 30, 2013.

Thorsten Heins, the new RIM CEO has introduced BlackBerry 10 in a press conference in Florida. Research In Motion is planning to launch its latest new line of BlackBerry 10 smartphones on January 30 2013. The launch of these long-awaited devices will coincide with the release of the company’s new mobile platform that will be synchronized in various countries across the world.

This much-awaited event was delayed twice; however witnessed the company unveil two smartphones as well as the platform, which powers them. As reported one of the handsets will have touchscreens, on the other hand some would be equipped with the mini keyboards, which typically favors BlackBerry. On the other hand, the handset with mini keyboard would be introduced later in the year.

RIM, BlackBerry’s makers, said that the new devices will be faster and smoother and will have a well-stocked app store by the time of their release.

BlackBerry new handsets

In past two years, the fortunes of RiM have been tumbled, since its devices are overtaken by Android-based devices as well as Apple’s iPhone.

The company in the last week has announced its new platform as well as devices that had received security clearance from the US government. This means that US as well as Canadian government agencies might equip their staff with these smartphones once they are ready. RIM had tested these handsets last month.

Though expected to be launched by January 30, 2012, the release date of these smartphones are not yet confirmed.

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