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Published On: Mon, Apr 16th, 2012

Android Phone Users Beware! Android Trojan is Here

A Trojan has been released for Android phones and disguises itself as the Angry Birds Game. Once people download this Android Trojan it would obtain the roof access to the phone and would install malware which in simple words is called as virus.

There are many Angry Birds fans in the world who buys Android Phones to get access to this game and enjoy the stock provided by Android market. However now, one has to be careful while installing any type of latest game on their cellphones. It could be a malware instead of a game. As said by few people from nakedsecurity.sophos.com, a number of baddies are circulated on the internet with infected version of Angry Birds Space. The latest update would be fully functional, but somehow the malware would break into the security system of the phone with the help of GingerBreak exploit. It installs malicious codes secretly and silently.

Android Trojan

Once the malware is installed in your phone, the hackers can force your device to download extra malware in your phone or even display specific websites in your default browser. This is still not sure whether or not the updated version, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Android operating system would also get the same malware functionality. Still, there is not much Ice Cream Sandwich based gadgets in the market to be affected from this malware.

As of now, there is no solution present for this issue except the announcement made for the Android users to avoid downloading apps from any distrusted websites and repositories. So, if you are an Android phone user, they beware from any kind of downloading as it could lead to some serious issues. This malware will not only access your secured data, but would also release it to the hackers who could circulate it anywhere they want.

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