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Published On: Sat, Dec 8th, 2012

Android gets new messenger app from Facebook: Launched in some countries

To give you more convenience, Facebook has launched a new messenger app especially for Android. This will enable you to chat directly with your Facebook friends and remaining contacts on your cellphone without loading the Facebook page. What is more interesting to know here is that those who don’t have Facebook accounts can also enjoy this messenger app. It enables you to send and receive messages anywhere anytime. This is possible since the messenger requires phone number like What’s app. So, here you don’t require the Facebook user ID and password.

In order to deliver this messenger, the social networking giant has teamed up with all major carriers as well as device makers to make this service accessible to all. Users can directly signup for this messenger account with just the name and phone number and the messenger will give 24×7 connectivity. This service has been cereated for Android and launched first in India, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, and Venezuela. Other countries will be added in this queue on later stage.

New Messenger App from Facebook

The aim is to give exposure to people for experiencing this new messenger and expand their reach by connecting to all the phone contacts. This will be done by including a new feature that enables users to send and receive texts. It not only connects you to your friends on Facebook, but to all the contacts that are saved in your phone. It is a stand-alone Messenger app and will be available freely to download. This will run on existing data plans use by the users. Those who don’t have Messenger app on their phone will get all chats and messages sent to them when they will log into Facebook.

The update to Messenger for Android available and the Messenger accounts will be given after few weeks. This could become a hit as there are more than 50 million users only from India.

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