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Published On: Wed, Dec 19th, 2012

Aakash 2 tablet with Indian manufacturing expected to cost $35

In a recent press conference, Kapil Sibal, Union minister informed that the price of the latest Aakash 2 tablet would be $35, which is almost around Rs. 1,900. The tablet would be manufactured using more local resources. Earlier the cost of Aakash 2 tablet was $49, which is approximately Rs. 2,660. The union minister added that the next version the Indian tablet is being planned and will boosts various improved feature such as Skype.

He said that the Aakash 2 tablet is currently priced at $49, however it will brought down to $35 in few months. The gadget sports various modern amenities and performs functions similar to a tablet, which is priced at $150.

He also added that the capacitive touch screen is imported and is priced around $22. Moreover, the manufacturing cost of the gadget is $2. Hence, if the manufacturing unit is set up in India, then cost will be automatically reduced to $29 from $49. In addition to this, he revealed that the Indian government is planning to approve manufacturing of almost 50 lakh units of the Aakash 2 tablets. He believes that manufacturing of the tablet on a larger scale will help in reducing its cost.

After considering all the factors it has been noted that a single unit of the Aakash tablet will cost the government Rs. 2,263 approximately. On the other hand the government is planning to give a subsidy of 50 per cent on the device especially for the students. As a result, the price of the tablet will be reduced to Rs. 1,130.

Aakash 2 Tablet Price

The union minister is hopeful this gadget will aid in providing a quality solution for consumers across the country. He expects that the tablet would act as a game changer in the global market, and consumers from Europe, Japan, United States of America and other countries would be looking forward to this economic device.

Further, he informed that the government is now concentrating on research and development for manufacturing of high-quality and affordable electronics product for the citizens of the country. He revealed that an R&D fund will be created wherein the government will make substantial contribution. Moreover, the team is planning to manufacture the electronic chip in India.

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