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Published On: Tue, Aug 7th, 2012

5 Apps for 2012 London Olympics: Easy Way To Stay Updated

The 2012 Olympics have made us proud in several ways. However, there are many who do not get time to keep track of what’s going on in the games as they stay busy with their hectic schedule. You may sometime get messed up with various games, medal tally and events. Well, no more worries as now it is time to download Olymics apps and get all the updates at Olympics. Now you get five choices of apps to download and use. Read 5 apps for 2012 London Olympics and get to know how interesting each of these apps is.

1. London 2012 Results App For Free –

This application is only downloaded on Android and iOS based devices and comes for free of cost. The results as the name suggests include results of all 36 Olympics sports as well as 21 Paralympics. All the information will be provided to you so that you know about the vents. Numerous live schedules, list of winners, calendar schedule, and medal tally of different companies will be found on this device. This app also enables the users to see daily schedule of the games and let them set the reminders so they do not miss anything related to the sports. The app also comes with option that allows them to follow a specific country and get news and updates of that particular country itself.

London 2012 Results App

2. Curly’s Pocket Guide to Sports For Rs. 55/-

This app is only available for Apple users who use iOS operating system. However, this is the only app out of five that come for a price. You need to pay Rs. 55 to get this app that explains everything about golf, Cricket, Gymnastics, Canoeing, Fencing, and many more. Each sport includes a neat illustrated card that can be accessed by the user after installing this app to iPad and iPhone. Total 74 cards are provided where each one of them explains the rules and illustrations. This is the only app that also guides you will information regarding real life stories like sports archives and other interesting facts. Moreover, the app also provides juicy information that worth the money you pay.

Curly’s Pocket Guide to Sports also lets you share the information with your friends via social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and much more. You can also enjoy the group conversation where rules, statistics and sports are discussed.

2012 London Olympics

3. Olympic Medal Alert App For Free –

This application can be used by Android and iOS users. This app can be downloaded from both Apple and Google Stores. The best about this app is that keeps you updated with all the winning games at 2012 Olympics. The moment one wins the medal, the app instantly sends you alerts about the latest update. Sometimes, you might think that it is filling up your device with all the updates continuously, but it will keep you entertained and updated all the time before your friends get to know. To avoid this condition, you can choose the countries which want to follow so news of only those countries will be sent to you. For this, you need to enter your name, phone number, email id, and whether the news should be sent to your phone or mail.

4. London 2012 Join In App For Free –

London 2012 Join In App is again designed to meet the requirements of Android and iOS users. The app is pretty useful for many who can create a list of competitions to access it anytime anywhere for getting the related information. This app not only provides you with competition list, but it also acts as a guide to celebrations, events and activities being held at the games. ‘My Game’ feature lets you bookmark all your favorite events and also give you updates, weather patterns, directions, and video tour of venue with photos. All in all, this app helps you plan your game experience and get entertained.

London 2012 Join In App

5. London 2012 Games News For Free –

This app is designed to serve only the Android users. It comes packed with all the latest happenings of 2012 London Olympics. It features “Games News” with all the latest updates along with juicy gossips related to athletes, sportsmen and games. Enjoy this free app and keep a track of medal tally of your favorite countries.

One good thing about the users is that improved features and new additions will be soon provided for more exciting experience. So, download your favorite app and stay updated to the 2012 London Olympics, latest happenings, and gossips that you won’t like to miss out.

  • TomasHunter

    Thanks for the awesome suggestions. I just downloaded London
    Olympics 2012 Schedule and London 2012 Results app so I can keep track of the
    events I want to watch and to keep tabs on the medal totals. I prefer to watch the
    games on TV but because of my hectic work schedule at DISH I really haven’t had
    the time to sit down and watch. Instead, I have been using my DISH Remote
    Access app to watch because it lets me stream all of my live TV channels no
    matter where I am. I guess between the 3 apps I should have more Olympic
    coverage than I could ever watch.

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