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Published On: Tue, May 15th, 2012

Top 10 Low-Cost Android 4.0 ICS Tablets for 2012

There are several tablets introduced in the market and all with same tagline – low-cost Android Ice Cream Sandwich. So, if you are among those who crave for latest good devices, but at affordable prices then read further and decide which on suits your basic requirements. The low cost devices in India is rapidly booming due to which many companies including Samsung and BlackBerry are concentrating on delivering good devices at affordable prices for the consumers. Furthermore, after the launch of the devices, many online retailers sell the devices at discount prices to attract many customers. So, now people get plenty of options to choose. So, lets check out what all new devices are available in the market with latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Though, Apple is the leading company to sell its best tablet in the worldwide market, many people do not find it easy to afford a $500 basic iPad. This is the reason why many shift to the low cost Android tablets prices of which are pocket friendly and satisfies many.

1. NOVO7 Paladin Tablet

NOVO7 Paladin is the product of Ainovo, a tablet manufacturer that has attracted the world immensely last year through its announcement of releasing a sub-$100 tablet. Now, it has become a reality where the company had released its latest and average tablet that comes for very affordable price. The best feature in this device is that it runs the latest Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. However, the tablet does not hyped much and many are still unaware of it. This tablet will only cost you $89 and will give you an amazing experience of Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

Note: Before buying make sure the overall expenditure behind this tablet, as shipping to the Eastern United States could make you shell out an additional $60. So, your overall price turns out around $149. Moreover, this device will be available with a MIPS processor inside. This will limit your Android experience as the Android Market will not run many apps properly.

NOVO7 Paladin Tablet

NOVO7 Paladin Specs :

  • 7-inch HD LCD display
  • 800 x 480 pixels resolution
  • 1GHz Ingenic JZ4770 processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • GC860 core with 3D rendering upgrade GPU
  • 8GB/16GB storage capacity
  • No Camera
  • Built-in 4000 mAh lithium-polymer battery that gives 8 hours of Web Surfing

2. Viewsonic Viewpad e70 Tablet

On January 2012, Viewsonic had announced that they are creating the ViewPad E70. It is a 7-inch tablet that is targeted for general consumers who wish to experience the craziness of Android.  And when it comes to Google’s latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, there are many consumers who simply would love to buy it, especially because of the low-cost tag. The device comes for a price tag of $169.99.

Viewsonic Viewpad e70 Specs :

  • 7-inch display
  • 800 x 480 pixels resolution
  • 1GHz processor
  • Memory is still Unknown, but most likely, it could be 1GB of RAM
  • 4GB storage and the memory is expandable up to 32GB via a Micro SD card slot
  • There is just  a front-facing camera

Viewsonic Viewpad e70 Tablet

3. Asus Memo 370t Tablet

The Asus Memo 370t is a best deal out of all other low-cost devices with ICS available in the market. The device not only gives you faster experience than the others, but also comes half the price of other quad-core Ice Cream Sandwich tablet like the Transformer Prime. This is a pocket-friendly device that comes packed in 7 inches and includes some serious power under its hood. The Asus Memo 370t comes for : $249.99.

Asus Memo 370t Specs:

  • 7-inch display
  • 1280×800 pixels Super IPS display
  • Quad-Core Tegra 3 processor
  • 1GB memory
  • 16GB/32GB storage options
  • 8-megapixel primary camera

Asus Memo 370t Tablet

4. Archos 80 G9 Tablet

Even though you dislike this brand, but all we should say is that the brand delivers good features at very low cost that make it stand distinct in the competition. The Archos 80 G9 comes with an upgraded Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Check out the Archos 80 G9 specifications and the tablet comes for $299.99.

Archos 80 G9 Specs :

  • 8-inch display
  • 1024 x 768 pixels of resolution
  • 1GHz to 1.2GHz OMAP™ 4 smart dual-core ARM CORTEX A9 processor
  • 512MB memory
  • 8GB /16GB internal memory. Additional memory can be used with the help of a microSD card
  • 720p front camera available for video calling
  • Battery gives a back up of up to 10 hours for Internet navigation

Archos 80 G9 Tablet


5. Coby MID 7042 Tablet

Coby has well played in the cheap tablet market and has well managed its position since a while. However, the most interesting part to see is that the company has launched every single device at the same level or on sub-par segment. And now, Coby has added the ICS update and other upgraded specs that could bring good revenue to the company.

Note: Beware as rumor has it that this device will give you access to the Get Jar marketplace rather than the Android Market for which you will buy this tablet for $179.

Coby MID 7042 Specs :

  • 7-inch display
  • 800 x 480 pixels resolution
  • 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor
  • 1 GB memory
  • 4 GB internal storage and can be expanded up to 32 GB through a microSD card
  • There is just a front facing camera

Coby MID 7042 Tablet

6. Ramos W6HD Tablet

The W6HD is the latest Android tablet manufactured by Ramos, which is a Chinese tablet maker. This device does not sell directly to United States customers. However, it is found online with third party dealers. However, you could also find dealers or retailers selling this device at higher price. Basically, it comes for the price tag of $148.99.

Ramos W6HD Specs :

  • 7-inch display
  • 1024 x 600 pixel resolution
  • AMLogic Cortex-A9 2nd generation core processor
  • 512 MB memory
  • 8 GB Storage
  • 0.3 megapixel front facing camera and a 2.0 megapixel primary camera
  • 3300 mAh battery that gives a run of 4 to 5 hours of video

Ramos W6HD Tablet

7. Argos Skypad Alpha2 Tablet

Skytex has entered the market quite recently and is the cheap tablet manufacturer that has launched Argos SkyPad Alpha2. The device gives you access to the 1mobile market rather than the standard Android Market. The Alpha2 will give you access to a wide range of big and popular Android apps. The tablet comes for $199.

Argos Skypad Alpha2 Specs :

  • 7-inch display
  • 1024 x 600 pixels of resolution
  • 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor
  • 8 GB storage capacity
  • Camera unknown, but at least has a rear-facing (primary) camera
  • Removable battery (unknown about the detail)

Argos Skypad Alpha2 Tablet

8. X10 AirPad 7p Tablet

The Airpad is sold at a price tag of $150 and sports appealing features that are useful to many users. However, you have to compromise for powerful performance and primary camera as both of them are missing in this gadget. There is neither rear facing camera nor any quad core processor to make your experience better.

X10 AirPad 7p Specs :

  • 7-inch display
  • 800 x 480 pixels resolution
  • 1.2 GHz Allwinner A10 Cortex A8 processor along with 395 MHz DSP
  • 512 MB memory
  • 4 GB internal storage which can be extended through a microSD card of up to 32 GB
  • 1.3 MP front facing camera which is useful for video calling
  • 8.5 hours movie backup, 30 hours music backup and 8.5 hours Wi-Fi Internet access

X10 AirPad 7p Tablet

9. Xvision an4 Tablet

WSL japan, the electronics manufacturer company has released its Xvision an4 recently. The tablet sports a big screen and holds good features that many owners were looking for. The device has an average processor and is packed with a 16 GB internal storage for apps, music and pictures. The price is set between $200 and $300.

Xvision an4 Specs :

  • 9.7-inch big screen
  • 1024 x 768 pixels of resolution
  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB memory
  • 16 GB storage
  • 0.3 MP front-facing camera which is useful for video calling or conferencing

Xvision an4 Tablet

10. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tabs have won many hearts excluding all the patent infringement cases. Its lowest priced tablet comes for around Rs. 15,000 and less at some online retailers, but lacks several features which the high-end tablets provide these days. Moreover, this device now retains Ice Cream Sandwich operating system as announced by the company. Well, there will not be provided any older versions, but a new round of device will be produced with this latest Android version. It is priced for $350.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Specs :

  • 7-inch display
  • 1024 x 600 pixels resolution
  • 1 GHz dual-core processor
  • 1 GB memory
  • 8 GB/16 GB/32 GB storage through a microSD card
  • Front-facing camera is provided for video calling
  • 4000 mAh powerful battery that gives a backup of up to 30 hours if kept on music playback

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet

So, all these tablets have been launched to cater the requirements of general users who wish to use a low cost tablet, but with several average features. Compare the features and specifications of all low cost Ice Cream Sandwich tablets available in the market and buy the one on which you are completely satisfied. We hope our picked gadgets and their specs will help you decide which tablet is better for you.

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