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Published On: Sat, Feb 9th, 2013

Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 – Good features for its price

There are lot of seven inch budget tablets in India right now but there aren’t much ten inch tablets out there. Spice has decided to make the most out of and has made a ten inch tablet for us – Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010. This device has 10.1 inches HD IPS screen and big 7,600 mAH battery inside. There is 16GB memory inside for storing all your stuff. This device runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and there is dual core 1.5 GHz processor with a gig of RAM.


Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 has a high quality premium feel on the surface with all glass metallic and front dual tone finish on back. This tablet is relatively slim, it is just 10mm thick and this gadget looks slimmer when looked from the back as the rear side has curved design.

Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 review says that it has good build quality and there aren’t any squeaks inside the unibody shell. There are 2 distinct portions on back – narrow strip on bottom having dark colour shade. The rest has lighter shade. Close to the display, there is plastic narrow bezel. However, actual bezel is a wider and it is covered by glass.

Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010

The camera is located on the back panel at centre top. There are 2 speakers grilles flanking it on either side. The design is nice except for the logo of Spice which seems to be painted on the device and looks a bit cheap. Weight of this gadget is 667 grams which is good enough for carrying around.


Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 has 10.1 inches IPS screen having viewing angle of 180 degrees. It has a good 1,280×800 pixels resolution. Screen is sharp and bright and colours look pretty lively. The screen lives up to the IPS or In Plane Switching tag; the quality is much superior to standard LCDs. Display is bright and you will be able to read it even in bright light conditions.

Touch sensitivity of the Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 is top notch. I saw some backlight bleeding problems from sides of screen but this is the only downside of the otherwise fine quality screen.

Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 Tablet


Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 price is Rs. 12,999 which is good considering the performance and features of this tablet.


Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 is powered by RockChip RK 30 processor and it is accompanied by Mali 400 graphics processor and a gig of RAM. The performance of this tablet was good in my benchmark tests and it could perform better than Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in my tests. This is a good achievement for Spice as the Samsung tablet is priced higher.

While testing, I played games like RipTide GP and Temple Run Brave. Both these games ran fine without any hiccups. The tablet didn’t slow down during my testing at all. There was only on app crash incident while using Skype.

Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 Features

The loudness and sound quality of the tablet speaker too is good.


Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 comes with three megapixels camera on the back and the performance is on par with expectations. I tested this camera in bright light and photos came out pretty well. There is no flash and the megapixels capacity is a bit smaller and hence it seems that the manufacturer has made this camera for emergency situations only. If you have a camera phone; use that instead.

There is a front facing camera as well and it is quite impressive. I did some video chatting on it and got clear videos while speaking to my friends. The quality is bright and crisp and not like other dark videos.


Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 comes with 7,600 mAH capacity battery inside and it is a bit bigger as comarped to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. The battery is good and it could provide juice up to 8 hours use with WiFi. Such battery life is impressive and it can last for an entire work day.


Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 is good tablet in terms of performance, features, and build quality. The performance is good and display quality too is superior. The price is reasonable and I will certainly recommend this tablet to you.

Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 Price
There are less expensive ten inch tablets available in the market right now but their performance isn’t as good as the Spice model.


  • Android 4.1 OS
  • 259 x 172 x 10 mm dimensions, 667 grams weight
  • 10.1 inches IPS screen
  • Dual core 1.5 GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM
  • HDMI, Bluetooth, WiFi
  • VGA camera in front, 3.0 megapixels camera on rear side
  • No GPS
  • 7,600 mAH battery

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