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Published On: Tue, Nov 8th, 2011
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Sony Tablet S Review

At last, we have got Sony to review on. It’s the new Tablet S which the Sony has released and is in bid to be named as the best touchscreen tablet.

The Sony Tablet S features a 9.4 inches Sony TruBlack display with a whopping resolution of 1280×800. Not bad at all, though it depends upon the clarity and impression through its video, audio and picture quality. Still, we must say that the display is far more impressive and it should be when we are reviewing no one else but SONY. The display offers real strong black and deep colors by lowering down the glare.

Sony Tablet S Review

Besides, this tablet has been designed by keeping in mind the ergonomic factors with a rounded fold which makes it more portable. Keeping besides the design part, lets focus under the hood quality of the Sony Tablet S and we cannot resist saying that this tablet lacks behind when it comes to the under the hood features. It is not user-friendly and we are sorry to directly claim it like that. At first, you are bound to hunt for the power button which you’ll find at the right hand side in a recessed portion just under the screen. Well well, this tablet comes with SD card and micro USB slots. No doubt, we should appreciate the SD card slot feature which these days come missing with a lot of high end devices.

Sony Tablet S Specs   Sony Tablet S

The device also possesses a new feature for password protection. Users will get a secured 3×3 dots on the screen which will be used as a pattern to unlock the device. The touchscreen responses quickly, but sometimes lags, especially when you type quickly. The lag can be found while the display rotates automatically from portrait to landscape and again comes back to the normal position.

Internal speakers offer good quality volume as well as its bass system makes the sound more interesting. However, while listening at the higher volumes, the speakers do falter a bit. Yet, leaving apart all the flaws, the Sony Tablet S has a major drawback which cannot be overlooked at this generation – the absence of 3G. This makes this bigger brand to sit on the lower level as Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 both have this feature. Due to the lack of 3G and Wi-Fi network, this tablet will be just a piece to provide music and video playback.

Tablet S Review

Another drawback is the absence of micro USB cable which is useful for transferring music and video data. This Tablet S has received good display and ergonomic design. Besides, its sleek design makes it more impressive, but the lack of significant features will divert the attention of people toward other high-end devices that have launched in the market.

  • http://shoutmetech.com Shout Me Tech

    I played with Sony Tablet S yesterday and I liked the new design and it’s light weight….Though the plastic body was little disappointing but I guess it’s worth as it was to keep the weight low…

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