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Published On: Thu, May 10th, 2012
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Sony Android Tablet P: A Dual-Screen Tablet, Especially for Gamers

What would be your response when you get a dual screen tablet in the market? Well, this space has been covered by Sony by introducing its Sony Tablet P that gets its launch date in March 4, 2012. It is a fabulous and foldable tablet than not only looks charming, but is very functional.

Pros of Sony Android Tablet P :

It has sharp display. DLNA support and access to PS1 game titles make this tablet more inspiring. It sports its compact clamshell design.

Cons of Sony Android Tablet P :

This tablet has poor Wi-Fi connectivity. The audio quality of the speaker is also unimpressive. Split screen causes hindrances which makes the users a bit distracting to browse through both the screens. The tablet does not have USB charging facility.

Sony Tablet P

Sony Android Tablet P Design and Display :

When we see this tablet for the first time, we find it very attractive and interesting. This tablet looks like Nokia Communicator on steroids that do not give that impression to people. It has a unique clamshell design that has caught most of the interest of people. This folding tablet right from the middle supports two hinges on each side. The exterior body of this tablet is plastic-y and is finished from silver color that could get scratches very soon. The only advantage of this tablet is that its screen will remain protected always due to the foldable feature. It gets solid built and weighs only 372 grams.

After folding the device, you get to hold two 5.5 inch screens which get TruBlack LCD technology delivered by Sony. This technology functions as fingerprint magnets and also boasts a notification light that blinks at the bottom. The light blinks in green color, informing the user that he/she received notification of social networking and mailing. The same light changes to red when it runs out of power.

From one side, all the ports and slots have been presented. Also, a micro USB port is available along with charger port, power button, and volume buttons, all presented at the right side of this tablet. The device also boasts a headphone jack that can be found at the bottom of this tablet.

The tablet has removable plastic sheet that gives access to the SIM card slot and is available at the top of the tablet. At the bottom of the SIM card slot are the battery and microSD card slot available that you can access after removing the outer body cover. The packaging is comprises of the tablet device, AC adapter, rechargeable battery pack, and 2 GB microSD card.

The Sony Tablet P sports its dual 5.5 inches screens and offers 1024 by 480 resolutions. However, the only flaw is that the top screen showcases the video or pictures whereas; the bottom screen features controls. When you will watch video on split screens, you will probably be annoyed due to the break in between. YouTube videos will run with black bars at the sides which are not a good work.

Review of Sony Android Tablet P Sony Android Tablet P Price Sony Android Tablet P Review  Sony Android Tablet P Specs

Sony Android Tablet P Camera Quality :

The 5 megapixel camera is offered with this tablet and features auto-focus camera at the rear of the device. Video shooting can be done with 720p quality which offers good quality videos with the present of flash.

Sony Android Tablet P Features :

Sony Tablet P is packed with Android 3.2 Honeycomb version and ICS upgrade available on the card for this year. Also, five customizable screens are available. A launcher is available at the top of the screen with Google search box as well as shortcuts that are used for browser, social feeds, mail, and video gallery. At the top right corner, you will find favorites shortcut. You can operate this tablet just like a keyboard with two hands.

Pre-loaded software that is incorporated in this tablet including Google’s apps, Evernote, UStream with Android market, and HD Gameloft. A range of games are available to download for free. Social feed reader app gives you access to the Facebook and Twitter feeds. An app has been installed which is called box and lets the users to view, share, store as well as send the files such as word documents, pdfs, and excel sheets to others online. Many pre-installed apps use dual screens very accurately such as gallery app that displays images as thumbnails at the bottom and image at the top screen.

Apart from this, there is one more flaw which is the Android Market app that runs only on the top screen whereas; the lower screen remains completely blank.

Sony Android Tablet P

Sony Android Tablet P Performance and Gaming Experience :

Two split screen can be used in video playback. Due to the usage of top and lower screens, the battery runs off quickly even after using a 3,080 mAh powerful battery. The tablet runs for only 6 hours with controlled brightness and web browsing. The device takes pretty long time to shift from landscape view to portrait. With this, the Sony Tablet P seems very sluggish when you drag the icons between screens. The audio quality is not impressive like what the Sony products offer, turning the users to plug in headphones.

The  Sony Tablet P functions on Wi-Fi and 3G. However, users will have to face 3G and Wi Fi troubles in connecting. The only good think is the browser that functions very smoothly and the apps get loaded very quickly. The device supports DLNA compatibility and stream digital content on far bigger screen.

What is more interesting about this tablet is that it can play PlayStation 1 games very effectively. Crash Bandicoot like technology is used for comfortable playing games. It is powered by a Tegra 2 processor to run the games smoothly. Adjustable controls are used by Sony very brilliantly to offer good options to play the games. Still, you will miss the physical controls that are provided in the Xperia Play or the Vita.

One more flaw is that you cannot install the earlier purchased PlayStation games from the Android Market for Xperia Play to the Tablet P. You again have to sign in to the PlayStation Network from this tablet and will have to pay again for the game.

Sony Android Tablet P Pricing :

The pricing for this tablet in the Indian market is set at Rs. 37,000 which distracts the common man to buy this expensive product. However, dedicated enthusiasts or tablet lovers will think twice or more before buying this flaw-filled product. Instead of buying this product, many will go with iPad 2 3G 16GB that comes for same price.

Price of Sony Android Tablet P

Final Word :

The tablet looks very elegant and has received compass-like foldable screens, keeping the screens protective. However, the tablet gets plenty of flaws which will make the dedicated tablet enthusiast annoyed and of course disappointed for many reasons. Sony so far was launched its single screen devices that run Android OS, but now dual screen innovation has also arrived. Yet, the experience with this dual screen device would not be so appealing and could even ruin many people’s experiences. An iPad is a good deal in place of this tablet, but if you are a game lover then this tablet is a good choice.

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