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Published On: Wed, Mar 14th, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 620: Powerful and Beautiful

Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 is not the first tablet in the Galaxy family. Well, there are several others to be named a few, Galaxy Tab 10.1, 730, 750, 680 and now it is time to review the Samsung Galaxy Tan 620 which is the latest in the family.

With a choice of products under same brand, consumers not only demand more, but their desires are fulfilled in various ways. If you do not seek for 10.1 inch tablet, then you can consider something else from Galaxy and could satisfy your requirements. No wonder, there are differences in all the tablets which could bring you your desired results.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 Design and Display :

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 comes with 7-inch display which is pretty smaller as well as lighter if we compare it with Apple’s iPad or iPad 2. Well, here both good and bad features occurs – good as it has compact frame, weighs 345 grams, runs longer and comfortable, more handy, and more portable; bad as it fails to offer wider or larger screen size that annoys users while browsing internet for long or watch videos.

The design is not different from its predecessors, but the tablet has retained a lot of good quality glossy plastic. However, the design gives a clean and elegant look. The edges are rounded and the sides of this tablet get graceful slopes and are framed with thin aluminum to cover the screen. Altogether, the tablet has received premium finish. One notified flaw is its rear cover which cannot be taken out. However, unremovable cover from the tablet is commonly found in almost all the tablets these days.

The tablet features MicroSD card slot and also offer SIM integration facility, given both on left side of the device. Other than this, the power button as well as volume rocker are placed at the right side of the device. If considered the design of Galaxy Tab 620, it looks much similar to the Galaxy Tab 750, but the 620 is far better as compared to its sibling if considered the core hardware.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 Processor and performance :

The tablet is powered by a 1.2 GHz Exynos processor which is different from the 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor loaded in 750. Again, this new model is more powerful and better than its siblings. Due to the faster processor, users can load and play games easily, can surf internet quickly, and can also run apps without any hassle in process. The tablet is equipped with 7-inch PLS which is called as plane-to-line switching panel. This feature is pretty decent and gives good functionality. The resolution this tablet offers is 1024 by 600 which is again adequate and is more than what its siblings offer. Other than this, the 620 provides good viewing angles. However, users who demand more brightness could experience a lacking at this point. Still, it hardly makes any difference as many prefer low brightness or medium which this tablet already provides.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 Other Features :

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 comes loaded with 1 GB RAM and internal memory storage of 16 GB which is plenty for many. Moreover, if you want more memory storage capacity then can add up to 32 GB micro SD card. The browser that runs through Honeycomb is really impressive and is also functional. The tablet gives 1080P video resolution in full HD which is awe-inspiring. Very rare tablets give such electrifying video quality and performance. The formats that this device supports are AVI, MKV, MP4 and some others.

What is more interesting about this tablet is its SIM card integration that allows the users to make calls. This calling facility is not provided in iPad and Blackberry Playbook. At least, making and receiving calls are possible with the help of Bluetooth headset.

Honeycomb once again proved its capability by running the suit of Google apps, it is flawless. Navigation through Google Maps is very appealing. Also, Gmail app is implausible and could be the single best reason to use Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 620.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 620

Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 Battery :

The battery life of this tablet is also very amazing. The 620 constantly run for around 13 hours in full charge if users use social networking such as Facebook and Twitter, playing videos, browsing and emails. Under the hood of this tablet sits a very powerful 4000 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 Camera :

There are two cameras installed in this tablet – one is the 3 megapixel primary camera and the other is the 2 megapixel front facing camera for video calling. Well, again the camera functionality is good, especially the front facing camera that gives clean picture on screen.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy Tab 620:

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 comes with Android 3.2 Honeycomb operating system. User interface as well as performance is real smooth and impressive. Sometimes users could find lag in animations that probably comes because of the TouchWiz interface of Samsung that fits at the top of the Honeycomb. Though there is amazing popularity in the market for Samsung Galaxy, the 620 is designed for catering special purpose needs. The tablets are yet to function just like desktop computers or laptops, but its portability, easy browsing, and other functionality makes the tablet much more demanding.

Two major advantages of Tab 620 are its impressive Honeycomb and functional multitab browsing, and stellar media playback capability of this tablet. Though there are several other pros to consider about Tab 620, but its powerful performance is all that matters. This device has great capability to run most of the things that you wish.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 Specs

Cons of Samsung Galaxy Tab 620:

There is a lack of Apps. Honeycomb is a powerful operating system, but it still lacks many tablet specific Android apps that are yet to arrive. Samsung has added a fair number of customizable widgets as well as apps, but still they are limited in 620. If apps are limited then utility also becomes limited. This is the reason why iPad has become so successful in the tablet market. The iPad do plenty of things other than what the devices like Playbook and 620 can do. This is the only area where iPad wins the game successfully.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 Price :

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 620 comes for a price tag of Rs. 26,499/-

Verdict :

The only question here arises is whether or not this tablet worth your price. Well, if compared with the competitors, the Tab 620 stands more than them. However, the answer depends upon your usability and requirement. With this price range, the 620 is a very good choice. Moreover, it is the best 7 inch tablet in the market for consumers. Well, at the end you should know why you want this tablet. It serves all your requirements including Gmail, watching videos, reading ebooks, and browsing on the go and making notes. This tablet can play games, but it is not designed as a gaming device, neither has it have potential to offer you beautifully designed apps just the way iPad offers.

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