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Published On: Wed, Nov 2nd, 2011

RIL, DataWind to bring world’s Cheapest 4G Aakash Tablet in India

Reliance CommunicationReliance Industries Limited (RIL) and DataWind have geared up to provide the cheapest 4G tablet to the tablet enthusiasts in India. Both the companies have joined hands to introduce the World’s cheapest tablet which is named as Aakash.

Well, the price of this all new tablet is set to be ranging between INR 4000 to INR 5000. If both the companies remain successful in launching this new and cheapest priced tablet in the Indian market with the stated price, then this will be the sole tablet to be sold at a price quarter to the price of tablets which are offered by global leaders. No wonder, we can consider and believe that this news has something to rely on as the company has already launched a low priced tablet in the market with the same name – Aakash. The only different with this tablet is its 4G features which will attract more customers and more attention across the country.

Besides, we have another solid reason to rely on this news as Reliance is preparing itself to launch its 4G services in the nation which will come to action by the second half of 2012. The prime reason to focus on this project with DataWind is because it is the only company that has gained first attention of people by launching the first low cost tablet. After the launch of the first cheapest tablet in the world, DataWind began the talks with RIL to launch a 4G tablet at very economical price so that everyone can afford it. The company is also relying on the TD-LTE chipset which will be fitted in the tablet while keeping the price at the lowest.

Cheapest 4G Aakash Tablet

Rumors already spread across stating that Reliance has already disturbed the market to become the first network operator in the country with 4G services and will launch low cost wireless devices which will connect to the networks. At present, company is working to develop devices with a manufacturing partner based in Hyderabad.

All in all, the price is the only attraction as there is nothing to run behind this tablet which doesn’t have any powerful features. Besides, DataWind is creating a successful way for Reliance which is a big boost.

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