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Published On: Mon, Sep 19th, 2011

Reliance 3G Tab – How good is it?

After smartphones, it is the tablets that are grabbing consumer’s attention these days. With several brands launching their own smart tabs, the competition is likely to intensify further. However, in India, it seems that Reliance 3G Tab is more likely to take away a major chunk of the pie in the national market.

What is it?

An Android tablet PC with Reliance 3G connection

How much?

This tablet is available for just INR 12,999

What about the specs?

Reliance 3G Tab is way cheaper than most tablet PCs available in the market today. However, it offers most of the common features like back (2 MP) and front camera (VGA), multi-email account set-up, movies, music, etc. It has a 7-inch multi touchscreen, with 800 x 480 display. However, one of the most impressive features is phone facility for users. The calls can be made through headsets, if holding a tab to your ear looks weird.

Why should I buy Reliance 3G Tab?

There are several reasons to buy Reliance 3G Tab. Samsung Galaxy Tab, which offers roughly the same features, costs about INR 26,000, which is about two times more expensive than Reliance 3G Tab. This tab comes with an affordable 3G data plan, charging only about INR 598 per month, with download limit of up to 2GB.

Who should not buy Reliance 3G Tab?

The ones who should not buy this are the ones who wants their tab t run perfectly. Since this tab runs on Android 2.3, which was not predominantly made for tablets, the performance is likely to be laggard.

It’s good for short use, but continuous users must avoid it, as the device heats up after using for about an hour. It has 512 MB RAM, similar to that of iPad2, but lower than that of many high-end tabs like Samsung 750, etc.

This tablet cannot certainly be placed along with other high-end tabs available n the market. However, the fact that it is the cheapest PC cum smartphone available in the market cannot be changed. It is a very good option for people seeking to do their basic office work or entertainment stuffs while travelling.

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