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Published On: Fri, Jul 6th, 2012

Mercury mTab NEO 2 Review

Mercury has launched a series of tablets in the Indian market and this one which we have picked has loads to explore. It is the mTab NEO 2, the successor of Mercury mTab NEO. However, this device has again failed to attract much of the consumers due to its poor display quality and when the display is not good, the addition of good features will not really work. Hopefully, Mercury which is the low cost tablet maker has come up with an upgraded version which we are going to review now. Read further to know more about the specs, features and price.

Mercury mTab NEO 2 Design :

First and foremost, it is the design that makes much of the efforts. The Mercury mTab NEO 2 sports a black finished body at both front and rear. You will find the glossy presence on this phone as well, which will attract a lot of fingerprints. Considering the built quality, it is not too good to chase for, still the built quality is on par. The plastic finish does not give cheap look, instead it looks decent. You will find a physical button which is similar to iPad and is used as back button, taking you directly to the home screen.

The device is still like chunky, but one good thing about it is its lightweight body (even lighter than the previous model). The device also comes with a front facing VGA camera which is useful for video calling. So, wherever you stay at least you can attend your business conferences.

Mercury mTab NEO 2  Review

The manufacturer has made some changes in the interface where you can find different lockscreen and several other icons and themes. However, the only thing that is left unchanged is the poor quality display of this device which is almost similar to those of its predecessors. The device sports a 7 inch of touch–sensitive screen and provides maximum brightness levels. Still the screen is not much bright, but the response is good than the earlier devices. However, you will find it harassing to use while the device is on charging mode as the screen becomes irritating and unresponsive.

NEO 2 Connectivity :

The Mercury mTAB NEO 2 comes with a series of connectivity options such as mini-USB port for data transfer, one more USB port for OTG support, charging port, micro-HDMI port to connect to a HDTV, microSD card slot, 3.5 mm headset jack, and 3G SIM card integration. Turn the device towards its back and you will find a primary camera. The rear camera is used for video shooting and clicking stills.  There are some physical buttons available at the sides of the device. At the right side of the device you will find home, back and power button. Users could miss the volume toggle button which is absent in this device. Still, in overall review for design, this device makes a good start with decent design and better connectivity options as compared to the other competitive or low ranged devices. Other than this, the device comes with some internet apps as well such as Yahoo Mail, Hi MSN, and all Google apps that come packed with Honeycomb.

Mercury mTab NEO 2

Mercury mTab NEO 2 Operating System :

It seems that there is a specific reason behind launching this device with Google’s Android Honeycomb operating system instead of Ice Cream Sandwich. The company has offered all low range tablets to the consumers, but with some good features. However, the screen resolution of all the devices is not that impressive even though the processor, operating system and camera are good to consider. On the other hand, the functions of Honeycomb are better as compared to Gingerbread, but are not as cool and smooth as the new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Mercury mTab NEO 2 Specs

Mercury mTab NEO 2 Processor :

It is quite unfortunate to say that the Mercury mTab NEO 2 is not a dual core device like its other siblings, but is a single core ARMv7 processor. So now you can understand how the apps and other features will run on this device. Forget about playing games on it as the screen and the processor both would not support you to play easily. There is Linpack that scores good point even when there is a single core 1 GHz processor which gives slow run. There is a single threaded score that provides 12MFLOPS and multi thread gives 11MFLOPS. The tablet features pre-loaded ARM NEON video decoder. Due to this, the videos run smoothly on 1080p easily even when there is a single core added to the mTab NEO 2.

Mercury mTab NEO 2 Overall Performance :

The device by performance is not too bad for normal users. There is a stock music player that is displayed on custom-skin as standard for sorting music. Users also get to download lyrics of the songs whenever required with the help of this player option. There could be a disappointing factor for the users where the player uses audio from apps as well like the sound effects from Angry Birds. The audio quality is on par, but you can still enjoy with a decent pair of headphones. NEO 2 also plays MP4 videos and offers UTPlayer that plays all possible formats. So, your requirements are sorted out here. There are little troubles laoding the 1080p video files which actually lag a bit with frame rate. Some files even refuse to play properly. The device also comes loaded with extra apps (built-in) such as OfficeSuite and Advanced Task Manager.

Mercury mTab NEO 2 Features

Mercury mTab NEO 2 Memory :

The device comes loaded with 8 GB internal storage and you get access to expand the memory with the help of a microSD card. With this, users get 512 MB of RAM which is actually less.

Mercury mTab NEO 2 Camera :

The primary or rear camera of Mercury mTab NEO 2 comes equipped with 2 megapixel sensor that obviously offers poor quality but manages to offer good pictures while at outdoor on bright sunlight. The camera is not supported by any auto-focus feature so no detailed picture can be expected. There is also a front facing VGA camera which is useful for video calling.

Mercury mTab NEO 2 Battery :

The Mercury mTab NEO 2 sits under its hood a 3400 mAh battery that gives a decent 6 hour battery backup on full charge. If you run the video, no wonder the battery will drain soon. The low resolution display actually supports the battery to run longer.

Mercury mTab NEO 2 Camera

Mercury mTab NEO 2 Price :

The Mercury mTab NEO 2 price comes for Rs. 14,999 which is comparatively expensive as compared to the other competitive 3G 7 inches of devices.

Verdict :

Excluding the price, the device has too much of flaws and low range features. If you ask us, we would say that the tablet does not worth your money as there are many things to consider. Not the dual cameras, not the processor and not other features, but the device not even comes pre-loaded with ICS operating system. At this range, you will get amazingly good features and display quality and that too at lower price than this.

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