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Published On: Sat, Oct 22nd, 2011
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Kobo Launched Vox Tablet at $200

kobo vox tabletKobo has entered in the market of tablet with its cheap new tablet device. The Toronto-based manufacturer focusing on the electronic book readers and is now introducing its Kobo Vox tablet at the increasingly crowded market. By featuring cheap tablet computers, Kobo has incorporated several demanding features in its tablet device to attract people from every corner of the world.

Vox tablet device will feature a smooth touch screen, color device that runs on Android Operating System from Google Inc. This kobo device has been designed for e-reading facilities such as book, newspaper and magazine reading. Besides, it also facilitates the users to listen to the music, watch movies and play video games like Angry Birds and others just as the other tablets support. This new and cheap vox  tablet will be available at $200 by directly challenging the other tablet leaders such as Amazon.com Inc. and Apple Inc. which sell high priced iPad and other devices. Amazon has also unveiled its low priced tablet in late September named as the Kindle Fire. This device also runs on Android and is sold for $200 in the United States. On the other hand, to give tough competition, Kobo has targeted to the e-readers and introduced a device which is user-friendly.

This Wi-Fi enabled, 7-inch touchscreen Android Vox tablet measures 12.8 cm (W) by 19.2 cm (H) by 1.3 cm (D). Moreover, this low priced tablet will not get 3G connectivity, but is Wi-Fi only with 802.11b/g/n capacity. Also, the Vox tablet will include storage capacity of 8 Gbytes. A Micro USB card is also provided with vox tablet. Considering the battery life, this tablet will run for 6 hours and HDMI connection is not available. It includes the Kobo Pulse social e-reading application and social connect with other users reading the similar e-book. Its home screen appears Facebook and Twitter widgets.

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