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Published On: Thu, Jan 5th, 2012

iBall Slide Review & Price

iBall Slide : An Android Tablet

So far you are very much aware of the news that iBall has launched its new tablet in the market based on Android. Well, it is named as iBall Slide and is a very thick tablet device which probably is not a charming factor for many. Here we believe that the manufacturer must have thought that the thickness could be a different part as compared to all the slimmer tablets in the market. So, let us review and see how good the iBall Slide is which is priced at Rs. 13,995. Yes, the market is demanding budget tablets, but the major point is whether or not this tablet worth your time and attention.

iBall Slide Tablet

Display and Hardware :

This tablet has received a 7-inch capacitive multi-touch screen display with a thick border around the screen which for us is a nasty part. Here, the manufacturer could have thought of widening the screen and resolution rather than giving such thick border to the screen. It kills the look of the tablet from front. At the left bottom of the screen, you’ll find the name of the tablet written as SLIDE, so most noticeable thing. And the logo of iBall can be found at the center right of the screen. The screen resolution is sort of good with 800 by 400 pixels, giving sharper images and good colors. At the top is a 2 megapixel front camera where we can say that to fill this thick border iBall has added these three things. Nothing as impressive to say.

iBall Slide Review

At the right side of the tablet is a series of features including USB host for data transfer and on-the-go as well as mini-HDMI output. A power button is also available to shut the device. Besides, a 3.5mm handsfree, microphone and a DC charging socket are provided. At the top of the tablet are Return, screen lock keys and menu are placed. At the front besides the screen is a home button. So, there are multiple options to make things convenient. This device seems lighter in weight, but also is a bit delicate. So, you have to use it very carefully.

Performance and other features :

With the budget tablets taking up the market, the manufacturers are more concerned to provide double features than normal to stay ahead in the competition. Accordingly, this iBall’s Slide is run by a 1GHz processor and is based on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. In order to keep the price low for the Indian consumers, the company has incorporated common features, but not something which could compare it with high-end tablets in the market. Still its 1Ghz ARM Cortex A8 processor is something which cannot be overlooked. With this, an 8GB onboard storage memory is provided and the device can support up to 32GB storage.

The iBall Slide does not provide customized UI. One good thing about this device is that the stock interface is quite responsive and is very much fast as per performance. Its UI works pretty well as compared to other tablets in this segment. Besides, the 1080p full HD is the best thing that allows you to enjoy the flawless contents. The tablet features its single thread Linpak MFLOPS which clocks at 17.357 and on multi-thread it goes to 15.905. Well, this is a little low feature, but we should praise for its remarkably fast processor.

iBall Slide Specs

iBall Slide Media :

As per the audio, the Slide cannot be termed as a captivating device. Neither its in-ear styled handsfree is comfortable to use, nor is the audio quality is good enough from the handsfree. We tested the audio quality in a best pair of earphones, but unfortunately the sound is not impressive. Slide features the stock Android player without frills and boasts improved options apart from the Android Market Place.

When we shifted our attention towards the quality and video formats, we found that the device is capable of playing all formats easily. Yet, the only format that has issue with playback is the FLV. However, when the native player does not respond to play, there is a secondary pre-loaded UTPlayer available to perform the task. Despite its low quality audio, the iBall Slide offers wonderful video watching facility. Other lacking feature in Slide is FM radio, but again it is replaced by an iReader app for eBooks.

iBall Slide Android Tablet

iBall Slide Price :

The iBall Slide is designed to fit in the low priced segment and is available at Rs. 13,995. The price is kept budget-friendly by keeping in mind about the Indian consumers who seek low priced, better functional devices.

The iBall Slide is not a high-end tablet, but its features have enough potential to keep you busy. The memory storage is good and so is its 1GHz processor. One good point to consider buying this tablet is that it is based on Android platform which is the demand of almost every Indians.

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