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Published On: Sun, Apr 8th, 2012
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$200, 7-inch Nabi: A Toy Or A Tablet?

The entire world is becoming crazy for tablet PCs available in the market at affordable to high range with low, medium to high-end features. However, the only concern is that the tablets cater adult people and at the most serves the students. This brings big difference in people and kids who are completely out of the loop. So now, it is time to be a bit wise and sympathetic and create a naughty and beautiful tablet also for kids who can pass their time while being educated.

The Nabi is a tablet launched for small children who can play and use this tablet while keeping a track on their studies. This tablet has been dedicated entirely to children who can play, view and browse internet while reading thousands of books to improve their knowledge base.

Nabi Tablet Review

Design and Display :

Talking about the design of this impressive kids tablet, only one word comes out – “Cute”. As the device is meant for kids, the Nabi has been specially designed as per their interest with curvy shapes and edges. The device does not possess sharp edge neither it contains shiny or glossy cover that can slip of your kid’s hand anytime. The material used seems like rubber that offers good grip on palms. Decorative design of the tablet is something different and eye-catchy for children.

The Nabi features a 7 inch display that offers good, wide screen to your kids to experience a bigger-sized screen where videos, pictures and books can be explored. FUHU has created a wonderful device for kids that offer several interesting features. The superior quality display is a multi-touch screen that allows children to interact easily with a huge spectrum of contents for studies as well as games.

The screen holds some touch sensitive keys rather than hard keys which one has to press to access a specific location or app.

Nabi Kids Tablet

Features :

The Nabi tablet is a perfect gift for your kids who will not only get great opportunity to pass their time with a new technology, but will also improve their skills and knowledge. As the time changes, it is important for you to keep your children updated with the functionality and how to use various technologies. Considering that, Nabi has been introduced by FUHU, the manufacturer of Nabi tablet.

This kid-frienldy tablet has touch screen which is pretty responsive without any lag, large sized app buttons that gives access to a range of kid-related contents including games, music, movies, and books. There are not such apps which are used by adults or businessmen, but all the features which are incorporated in this tablet are interesting only for kids. So, children will always enjoy their days while shaping their talent, having some brain-storming sessions, and learning something new everyday. Moreover, the best is that they are offered with Android operating system that gives your kids access to a long list of contents related to education and many others. Children can even browse contents and other things related to studies and education.

Other features that this tablet features are a small USB port, in-built microphone along with audio jack, and Wi-Fi support. All these features will keep your kid entertained all the time.

Nabi Tablet Review

Camera :

Also, the Nabi is equipped with a 1.3 egapixel primary camera positioned at the rear of the device through which your kids can take pictures, the quality of which is acceptable.

Price :

The Nabi tablet comes for just $200 and features beautiful look that could impressive many children.

So, no doubt the Nabi becomes a superb gift for your kids which not only is useful, but is also very impressive. The device comes in unique and pleasing color that would be attracting kids. In fact, it becomes a perfect device for your kids who will stay at home if they do not and will dedicate their time in learn new things and browsing internet for educational content. The device is loaded with Nabi app store where your children would get a long list of required materials.

Nabi Tablet Specs

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