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Published On: Sun, Feb 10th, 2013

Byond Phablet III – Huge display size

Byond is a mobile handset company from Pune and they recently launched Byond Phablet III having huge six inches screen. It is priced at Rs. 12,500. At first sight, this device looks pretty impressive. Let’s see the Byond Phablet III in more detail.


Byond Phablet III has three colour options – orange, white, and grey. I got the white model in my offices for review.

This device had curved white metal strip and it surrounds this phone from all the sides. This makes the gadget look classy. On the front, there is camera located on left side and sensors are there on right. There are also 3 capacitive buttons – return, home, and setting located on bottom panel.

Power button and volume rocker is located on the right side and on the top, there is 3.5mm headphones jack. The charging port is located on the bottom and it is also used as PC connection point.

Back panel has camera along with dual LED flash. Close to this, there is single speaker. Back side has plastic matte finishing but it doesn’t look cheap. In fact, it helps to make this phablet non-slippery. Inside the phone, there is a single SD card slot and 2 SIM card slots.

Byond Phablet III review says that it comes with leather case and this makes it look more beautiful. The covering also prevents any scratches or shocks due to accidental falls.

Byond Phablet III Review

In terms of design, this device is attractive looking. It has smooth body and 3 physical keys are placed well. However, there is no physical camera button which is disappointing. Due to its size, small sized palms might struggle to hold this device and they will need some time for getting a hang of it.


Byond Phablet III has a huge display and this is the main feature of this phablet. It is a six inches screen having a resolution of 480×854 pixels. The quality of display is good in good lights but in the bright sunlight, you will struggle to see the screen. However, it is hard to complain about this looking at the low price tag. The handset maker could have put an IPS panel and raise the cost a bit.

Due to the huge screen size, you will get a good video watching experience. Browsing internet too is fun as you get to see all the details. We watched few videos and were impressed with the screen quality.

We also tried 2 games – Temple Run and TurboFly 3D and had a great time with these games courtesy of the screen size.

The screen supports multi touch support for maximum five points and there is Gorilla Glass used to make the screen tough. The Gorilla Glass also protects the gadget against any fingerprints or scratches.

Inside the phablet

Byond Phablet III comes with Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS which isn’t the latest. Android recently launched Jelly Bean version and we don’t know if Byond will be offering updates to the newer version.

Byond Phablet III

On the hardware front, this device comes with dual core 1GHz processor, 4GB internal memory, 512MB RAM, and all this is put inside 11.3mm chassis.

There is front facing camera having a VGA resolution for making video calls. The rear side has eight megapixels camera having dual LED flash. This phone has dual SIM capabilities and it supports both CDMA and GSM networks.


Byond doesn’t have any customization skin above the OS and it has the custom Android OS. There are three home screens for placing app shortcuts. Main menu has 2 folders for widgets and apps and a pull down menu for the shortcuts like profile, data, GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Byond Phablet III has three touch based capacitive buttons below the screen (return, home, and setting). They are responsive but in my testing, I struggled once with setting button. However, later it was working fine.

Touchscreen of this device has good response and I didn’t see any lag. However, you will struggle to type with one hand because of the size of this device. In the landscape mode, keyboard occupies almost eighty per cent of this screen while writing words docs or typing SMSes.

There are few keyboard options on the Phablet III and it includes TouchPal. There are features like voice recognition, swipe, and you can use Swipe for symbols and numbers. For the latter, you need to flick on symbol or number upwards or downwards for selecting unlike the other keyboard layouts. I struggled with voice recognition but apart from that, all other keyboard features worked fine.

Byond Phablet III Price


Byond Phablet III comes with 2,500 mAh battery inside and in my testing; it stayed alive for 2 days with normal use. Charging the battery completely takes around one and half hours.


Byond Phablet III comes with eight megapixels camera on the back and there is flash LED support. In the low lighting, quality was pretty average and in average and good lighting, photos were good looking. I took pictures with the full zoom and was surprised to see that there wasn’t any distortion.

Front facing camera is good only for video chats. The pictures taken from it look average. Camera app has some shortcuts for modifying or editing pictures. This will help you to give some effects to pictures after clicking it.

Byond Phablet III Camera


Byond Phablet III is preloaded with games like TurboFly 3D, Temple Run, and Angry Birds. Other apps include Skype, Flashlight, Webchat, WhatsApp, and FM Radio. In testing, I download an app called Mobile TV and had a great time watching live TV.


Byond Phablet III is made for people who want a really big tablet with phone features. There are plenty of features inside and the performance too is solid. I would seriously recommend this tablet to you if you aren’t too brand conscious and are looking to try something new.

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