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Published On: Tue, Nov 29th, 2011

Barnes and Noble’s Nook Tablet Review : Holds Good Features

Few days back, Barnes and Noble released its Nook Tablet in the market and here we are providing complete specifications and reviews to update our readers about this newly released tablet.

Nook Tablet Design :

This 7 inches Android tablet has got great design to attract many users. Besides, it delivers some of the amazing features, but fails to give 100 percent good features users. It’s sleek, silver shiny body is the most attractive aspect that this tablet holds. Barnes and Noble has created a great and long device that demand attention from every tablet users or lovers. On the other hand, if we talk about the features, no wonder Nook holds similar features like what its previous model had received. It’s just the design which is unique and sexy. The screen is quite brighter and you can easily read the content in direct sunlight. Moreover, you can even read it comfortably in the dark environments as it dims the brightness to a lower level.

Nook Tablet Review

Nook Performance :

The overall performance of this tablet is good. Users can effortlessly navigate from menu to a particular app to the home screen. There is no falter, hang or slow process while using the Nook Tablet. The tablet is quite more flexible as compared to the Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Not only this tablet is elegant, but the features that it holds are also quite amazing. Yet some surprising flaws put it to lower level. Users get to experience multiple home screens. The desktop of Nook is comprised of three screens which can be moved to left and right.

Comparison and features :

Comparing this Nook with Kindle Fire, we have found that its density (169 pixel per inch) is equal to that of Kindle Fire. One great advantage that users will get in this tablet is its excellent video quality. All credits go to the HD sourcing through Hulu and Netflix (both are available as pre-loaded). Images on this tablet are seen very sharp with more diverse colors. However, one drawback occurs when you want to watch a video from your collection and require to transfer file of over 1GB then than you have no other choice but to store those files on external microSD card. So, you only get 1GB of storage and cannot store more than this limited storage capacity.

There is one more downside which will disappoint the users. There is no video store with Barnes and Nobles. Unless and until the company signs a rent for video or buy partner, users are only eligible to see Hulu and Netflix. Besides, users can also rip and transfer their own files.

Web browsing :

Focusing on the web browsing functionality of Nook, we have found that it is much faster than what you’ll get in Kindle Fire. Nook can be differentiated from other devices as it automatically defaults to the mobile version for a range of websites rather than running on the desktop version. It is again disappointing for many. However, we are surprised seeing that the search or site loading does not take much time. Nook is very responsive in this matter and can be rated as medium range in web browsing – not too faster, not too slower. Nook loads the lower-KB mobile versions of different websites and so can beat Amazon’s Kindle Fire in this matter.

Kindle fire vs Nook tablet

NookSpecifications :

  • Dual core 1GHz TI OMAP 4
  • 16 GB storage, can be expanded through microSD of up to 32 GB
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 7 inches multi-touch display with 1024×600 of resolution (VividView screen). 169 pixels/in
  • SD card port
  • Superior battery (30 percent more than Kindle Fire)
  • Android 2.3 interface
  • Quick launch bar which can be scrolled to browse and access most recent apps, books and other media quickly

Nook Tablet Price :

This beautiful Nook tablet comes at a price tag of $249. Therefore, we must say that the price is not too much for those who are looking for a magnificent hardware design with good inbuilt features.

Pros :

The Nook tablet which is manufactured by Barnes and Noble offers good interface along with default color palette. Besides, users can enjoy its great reading books. Those seeking superior video quality can think of buying this impressive tablet which stands at the top when it comes to its fabulous design.

Cons :

Users have to access this tablet in portrait mode while the interface arbitrarily functions. You have no option but to store the Ever note date externally. While sending an email, you won’t find any keyboard auto correct feature. This tablet doesn’t even offer you opportunity to buy music or movies.

Nook tablet is more expensive than the Kindle Fire ($50 more), but is still a better choice than many other tablet. You always have a choice if you are looking for a beautiful device, no matter whether it provides 1GB of storage of other little flaws.

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