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Published On: Thu, Jan 17th, 2013
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Acer Iconia Tab W510 Tablet Review: All that you wanted!

Acer Iconia Tab W510 is a Windows 8 based tablet and is publicized as a very capable and portable tablet in the market. The device has a 10.1-inch screen and weighs just 1.3 pounds which is an attractive feature for many buyers. Read full Acer Iconia Tab W510 review to know the details and its capacity.

Design and Display

The device has one charming point that it carries less weight than the latest iPad version, yet it runs Windows 8 operating system that has support for Windows 7×86 apps. This means that you can run your favorite Windows apps and can install and run them on this tablet just like you do on notebook or desktop. The tablet features USB port with dongle adapter to full size USB, microSD card slot, microHDMI port, and two cameras – one is a front facing 2 MP camera and second is the primary and very powerful 8 MP camera. Not to forget the most important thing that makes the user happy is the flawless screen which has much more appeal to win from many rivals in its class. It carries an excellent full HD multitouch display that sports a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Iconia W510 also features a microUSB 2.0 port that comes with dongle support to turn it to a full size USB port, a combo 3.5mm audio jack and a microHDMI port.

Acer’s Gorilla Glass-clad display offers amazing viewing angles that enhance the device’s credits. It offers wonderful contrast, eye-pleasing color saturation and perfect sharpness for viewing videos or reading web pages. This tablet is ideal for using indoor as the display is bright, though without super high brightness display like Asus tablets or Asus VivoTab TF810C.

The design of this tablet doesn’t look cheap or cheesy and all the credit goes to its clean design. The casing is made of plastic material and a little flex can be found where you need to press rather hard for its creaking at the bezel edges. There are specifically no complaints especially for its features and price. The tablet is offered in silver color at the rear and white at its front face. It carries straight sides that are easy to hold. Due to its non-glossy finish, the device avoids fingerprints and slipping out of hand.

Acer Iconia Tab W510 Review

There is a power button located at the top right corner of this device when it is held in landscape mode. Also available are the volume buttons next to it. MicroUSB and HDMI ports are places on the sides whereas; charging connector is placed at the bottom edge of Iconia Tab W510. The charging connector can be doubled like the keyboard dock connector and there are two other locator holes available to anchor the dock. There is a secured keyboard attachment that would satisfy users.

What’s attractive?

This device has something really attractive for the new buyers who demand good performance and better looking device with less weight. So this tablet features a powerful 1.8GHz dual core Intel Atom processor with 2GB DDR2 RAM. This spec makes the device very fast for the Modern user interface that comes with Live Tiles. However, one pity thing that you should know is that when you run desktop apps, you may experience the lag in process. But this is possible in every costly Atom Windows 8 tablets. It carries an excellent multitouch display with a screen resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. It also features micro HDMI. microSD card slot, micro USB port, 2 megapixel front facing camera, and a primary 8 megapixel rear camera.

Acer Iconia Tab W510 Specs


This Windows 8 tablet can be compared with the iPad and Android 10-inch tablets. This makes this device much more interesting for the Android users. Apart from its big 10.1-inch display, the resolution of screen is very powerful at 1366 by 768 and runs on dual core 1.8 GHz Intel Atom CPU. To support this powerful specs, the device is equipped with a 2 GB RAM. Since it is a full Windows 8 device, it will easily support all Windows 7 programs just like current desktop and laptop. However, it will fail to run applications just the fast as the current machine that runs on Intel Core i5 processor or non-netbook AMD CPUs.

The device also supports drivers for USB peripherals such as 3G and 4G modems and printers. Well, this is not enough. There are much more to explore about this Acer Iconia Tab W510. It comes with an optional keyboard dock with battery. It has an island styled keyboard, USB port, a secondary battery, and a trackpad. To get all these accessories, you gotta pay $750 to $799 for the whole set depending on your demand. The dock is very durable and built solidly just like the tablet itself. Yet it is plastic made. Still, the device doesn’t look cheap. The dock has got futuristic design and gives feeling like a netbook.

The small keys that have received island style design are surprisingly easy to use. The trackpad is small, but has multitouch support. Using this dock has some strong points to consider. It protects the display and saves a lot of battery power. Also it has a full size USB 2.0 port that gives you tension-free usage which basically you have to think for microUSB to USB dongle.

Acer Iconia Tab W510 Price

Apart from dock, lets focus on the wireless connectivity and the camera of this device. The device comes with Bluetooth 4.0 +HS, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, and NFC support. However, you will be pretty disappointed to know that this device does not have GPU which is useful for gamers. Also, the features that this device lacks are built-in 3G and 4G data which are even available on smartphones with hotspot features or mobile hotspot. It has dual band Wi-Fi which is really surprising to us as even its competitors like Lenovo products are still shipping with single band like 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

The NFC support of this device which is useful for tapping the devices and transferring files is a nice thing even though there is no other use of this NFC.

Coming to the camera part, the device has a 2 megapixel front facing camera which is useful for video calling and is a trending topic in the market. Almost every moderate to high range gadget comes with front facing camera these days. The camera is placed at the centre of the display and works fine with Skype. At the rear of this tablet sits a powerful 8 megapixel camera which is not offered in much of the tablets available in the market. The device comes with LED flash and offers some decent pics. It also offers 1080p video by making use of Crystal Eye app launched by Acer. You will experience 3-5 seconds of shutter lag.

Though it has dual core processor, but it cannot challenge the more powerful Intel Core i5 based tablets like Acer’s Iconia Tab W700 that carries same Windows 8 OS. Users will be annoyed to experience the demanding apps which will run very slowly. However, casual games can be played just fine, but that does not mean 3D games. You can’t even think of it! The device works well with the Windows 8 Live Tile UI, but there are noticeable frame drops while you scroll through the Control Panels under desktop UI.

The Atom chipset of this device is limited to eMMC flash storage which is much like the Android tablets. This indicates that you get good storage speeds, but cannot challenge the SSD drives available on Intel Core machines. The 32 or 64 GB storage is mated to the motherboard and like RAM there is no upgrading option.

Acer Iconia Tab W510


When all the features of this device are pretty interesting, one thing that rejects such devices is the battery life. This section makes the user think to buy and praise the Acer Iconia Tab W510. It carries good battery life than its rivals like iPad with Retina Display and Google Nexus 10. The tablet runs for around 8-9 hours on single charge. And if you keep it on standby, then it can go for days.

The device sits under its hood an ultra powerful 3650 mAh Lithium Ion Polymer battery and it is surprising to know that the battery gives similar charge like those of 9000 mAh batteries in Android tablets (manages equal runtime). This shows that the Intel Atom Clovertrail chipset is stupendous in power management.


Acer Iconia Tab W510 price is set for $499 that offers a 32 GB model. This includes optional keyboard dock, a full size 2.0 USB port and a secondary battery to prevent you from running out of charge. If you pay $100 more that is $599, then you can get a 64GB model which will save a good amount of storage space. 32GB model only gives 11 to 14 GB available space which is not sufficient for crazy users. Obviously you will like to load plenty of multimedia files that require space and if not then you have to end up using a microSD card for additional storage. Yet, you must know that this device supports microSD card but not SDXC. If you wish to buy this tablet along with a dedicated keyboard then you have to pay $750.

Acer Iconia Tab W510 Tablet


Be it design, power or battery, the tablet has all the charm to lure its owner. In short, this Windows 8 based Acer Iconia Tab W510 tablet can handle light x86 Windows app and is more capable of running Live Tile apps that are in built or downloaded from MS app store. This 1.3 pound, 0.35-inch thick tablet is capable of running Windows 7 apps which is a great thing to get at this price range. This device has got good quality display and it has ability to run all Windows apps. It is also extremely portable. And if you wish to run the same apps like your computer then the Acer W510 is an ideal choice.

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