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Published On: Wed, Dec 12th, 2012

Ubislate 7ci Aakash Tablet – $20 Indian Android Tablet

Hyped as the cheapest Android tablet in India, the Ubislate 7ci Aakash has been through leaps and bounds. Yet now it is finally serving thousands of users in India. This tablet was many times got delayed for various reasons, but now owners are getting fruitful result. It is the latest gadget presented by Datawind, the Canadian manufacturer of Aakash tablet series.

Datawind spent seven years in searching for an ideal market where it can sell its fresh technology at lower price. After years of trial, India has turned out as the best market where owners with less budget can get precious experience of using a new technology provided in a tablet computer. It is meant to serve students who can easily complete their projects and easily conduct education. The company has already showed that this tablet can display Web pages instantly even though it comes for very cheap price and can even give super-low-bandwidth networks like 2G GPRS. In this, students can easily complete their projects and stay connected to their educational materials. However, this tablet has never received good attention in the Western world since the specs are low and 3G and 4G networks are already in demand there.

This tablet is aimed to serve up to 220 million Indian students where students as well as teachers can get access to Web-capable device for just $20. Backed by the Indian government, this project caters the interest of e-learning, giving an opportunity to students to more exposure in the quality of education. Since internet has become the major requirement to complete projects and other researches, this tablet is an ideal choice. This way, the quality of education will improve and one can expect literacy rate to go higher.

This $20 tablet features Wi-Fi which is must to use in universities and school campuses. Such places also have power sources to charge this device that comes with sealed-in batteries.

Considering the cellular version of this tablet, it comes even more interesting. The deal has been made with the Indian carrier – Aircel that offers unlimited data GPRS plan for Rs 98/month. However, users have to wait way longer to see each fully loaded webpage excluding what they will experience in Datawind’s special Ubisoft browser. If you wish to buy the cellular version of Ubislate then it will cost you extra $6, which is still affordable. If you want your tablet to give you calling feature as well then this cellular version will be an ideal choice. A SIM card can be inserted to use the tablet as a phone.


You cannot say it a Chinese Android tablet, but it has something more to explore. Yes it is true that the processor of this device is Chinese, but the touch screen is specially made in India and this gadget is also assembled and programmed in India.

Aakash2 or Ubislate 7ci is painted with dull slate gray colore and measures the size of original Amazon Kindle Fire. The phone has plastic screen and has received a gray plastic cover at its rear. When the device is powered on, you will find 800×480 pixels of LCD display lights up, giving good visual experience even in such low cost Android tablet. You cannot expect to get much viewing angle and it takes a little more pressure of finger to activate the touch screen. This tablet has headphone jacks that is fixed along with MicroSD slot and carries a single speaker hidden behind the glossy plastic cover at its back. The device is pretty slim in nature and is easy to hold in hand.

For video calling, the tablet comes with a VGA camera which is located right atop the display at front. This camera also lets you record videos. There is also a microSD card slot for expandable memory if needed. Other features that this tablet includes are Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz networking on-board, and Android 4.0.4 inside with basic apps and Gmail, Google Play, and a proprietary media player. One disappointing factor is the lack of Bluetooth which is important in many ways. However, it is good that the cellular version of this model has at least got GPS functionality.

Ubislate 7ci Review

The new models sold in India come with Ubisoft browser which was not available earlier. To run well, Ubislate 7ci is powered with 1GHz AllWinner Cortex-A8 processor that runs like an entry-level smartphone. While scrolling the contents, you may find it a little annoying and more than that it will be hard to gulp down that the screen transitions are slow. Even the browser is slow that affects the affects the mood of a user. Even if the browser is on Wi-Fi, you will find noticeable slowdown in process. At least the apps run where you can use email, games and Web browser.

Choosing Aakash 2 over others

There are many other companies creating cheap tablets, but more important is the assurance that Datawind gives. The advantage of going with Ubisoft 7ci is that it comes even cheaper in rice and gets much better marketing. It is not sure whether the device will see the U.S. light, but people there are keen to use high-end devices like iPad and iPhone. There is very little to no space for a tablet like this which comes with very low specs and price.

Ubislate 7ci Tablet


Datawind Ubislate 7ci tablet comes just for $20 in India and it is not yet decided to launch in the U.S. market.


If compared this device with original Kindle Fire, it measures same in size. The device however cannot win the game with Kindle Fire as it has much more appeal (specs) than what has been provided on Ubislate 7ci aka Aakash 2 in India. Still, this $20 tablet is a good deal for students and teachers.

Ubislate 7ci Features

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