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Published On: Fri, Jan 20th, 2012

Govt. asks to withdraw the IIT military specs on Aakash tablet

The ongoing discussions have finally been resolved as the Union Human Resource Development Ministry has asked the IIT Jodhpur to withdraw the provisions they made to get implemented in the Aakash tablet. IIT Jodhpur’s demand was to implement the military specifications in this lowest cost tablet in India which as they think is basically suited the general consumer.

Aakash tablet IITHowever, the company was not clearly interested in doing the same and was refusing for the military specifications. Therefore, government in order to sort out has announced to withdraw this provision which seems not to be fit for the Aakash tablet as per the recent conditions. Government has also conveyed this message in a meeting to the IIT authorities, which was chaired by none other than the HRD minister Kapil Sibal.

As of the current status, Datawind, the manufacturer of Aakash tablet has to produce 30,000 of tablets each day to cover the demands made by people online by registering the pre-orders. Basically, the IIT Jodhpur was asked to define the testing protocols which are required for the tablet, but unfortunately Datawind refused for this by stating that the Aakash is capable of withstanding hard use and stands effectively in the rugged military portfolio. In fact, Datawind was also claimed that this tablet is customized to function in hardy weather.

Other than what the government and the company are planning, the older version is cheapest priced basic model in the world released for the students and includes features which are generally used for educational purposes. The current model (second version) is available at price tag of Rs.3000.

The recent specs that the IIT Jodhpur has handed to the company with rugged military feature resemble the years old device developed by the Hewlett Packard for the use during extreme weather conditions. Finding no purpose of creating such a tablet, the Datawind found it unwanted as announced by the CEO Suneet S Tuli following which the Ministry of HRD has asked the IIT to develop specs that suits students in an effective way.

There is one more reason that indicates why Datawind refused to get this specs on Aakash. It is probably the Eyebrows which are being developed as per the military specs provided by IIT and customized to suit the Indian requirements. However, the specs were completely replicated the HP rugged tablet. Aakash was under the developmental project of six years with a contract of Rs. 4,772 lakh which was given to the IIT Jodhpur to produce a low cost access-cum-computing device.

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