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Published On: Fri, Jan 6th, 2012

Aakash tablets Booked 14 Lakhs in 14 Days

Since the day Aakash tablet has been introduced in the market, consumers are getting keen to have it in their pockets, no matter whether it fits or not. This new version has some good potential which is why many people in India have showed interest in this lowest priced Aakash tablet in the world. As per the new reports, total 14 lakh people have registered their names to buy this device and that too in just 14 days.

Well, it’s really surprising that in 14 days, Aakash has won 14 lakh people’s heart before it goes on sale. Accordingly, the UK-based vendor, manufacturer of Aakash named Datawind has decided to set up three new factories for the productions of this device and supplying nationwide on time. The three factories will be set up in Cochin, Noida and Hyderabad. The first half of this year will begin with the establishment of factories where this tablet will be assembled. As of now, Datawind only has one active factory which is in Hyderabad with its vendor Quad, making LCD panel for this device.

Aakash tablets BookingSuneet Singh Tuli, the CEO of Datawind has said that they haven’t expected such high response from both corporate and individual buyers. As per the company’s plan, 70,000 to 75,000 units would be supplied each day once all three factories begin their work in full throttle by April 2012.

Aakash tablet had recorded its highest pre-sales in the market of around 400,000 in October 2011. Comparing to the overall tablets which are so far sold till last year was around 250,000 to 300,000. There is only one reason that made this tablet a superstar – its price. Other than this, performance-wise it is still far behind in the competition where it boasts slow processor and resistive touchscreen.

Since the online launch of this tablet, 1 lakh tablets are booked in one day. If we compare it with the giant tablet manufacturer Apple, it had sold around 10 lakh iPads in total 28 days and 30 lakhs in 80 days since its launch in April 2010. Also comparing its price, all we can say is that still Apple’s iPad comes at a price tag of Rs. 29,500 which is somewhat 12 times expensive than this world’s lowest priced Android tablet.

Due to some supply issues, the company cannot accept cash for bookings. Once this Aakash Ubislate 7 commences its online sale, owners would be able to enjoy Rs. 2,999 priced tablet. The current tablet will also come with a SIM card slot for accessing GPRS or 2G connection. Owners would be able to access internet easily with the help of Wi-Fi access.

One good feature about this newer version is that it will flaunt its faster processor with 700MHz in place of 366MHz processor. However, students probably will have to wait to experience the realm of Aakash tablet as the delay from government is likely to land this device in the hands of commercial buyers before it goes to students for whom this tablet is produced at such low-cost.

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