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Published On: Tue, Oct 30th, 2012

Apple iOS 5 Review: Not Much Change But Worth A Lot

There was a lot of chaos around because it is Apple’s product. You understand how much the world wants to know about what is Apple up to and how good its products and OSes are. The launch of Apple iOS 5 gained a lot of global attention and it was launched just two days ahead of the launch of iPhone 4S which was again a popular device. There is not much changes or upgrades that we saw with the iOS 4 launched in June 2010. However, it matters a lot as many needed its big enhancements. Read the Apple iOS 5 review and know more about this update.


Though iOS 5 is not that upgraded like what all changes we saw with iOS 4, but it offers some of the excitements that Apple users wanted. One of the biggest changes that were turned important and useful is the tethering of iPhone to a computer for syncing. Still, under the hood you will find a lot more changes than this. Right from iMessage to iDevice have been tweaked to offer something advanced than the previous versions. Now users can enjoy a new way to stay in touch with friends and families, but it depends upon the carrier’s monthly allocation of messages.

Apple iOS 5 Review


Some of the improvements that have given convenience to the users include Twitter integration, Notification system that is paired with reminders for informing the user at Home screen and basic image-editing tools for camera. Other than this, small upgrades are many which were required to improve. We will talk more about the major changes as this will affect the users most rather than simple details. One good thing that the users have received is the iOS 5 that was compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and also with iPhone 3GS. In fact, the earlier versions of iPad also received this upgrade. Not only this, the third and fourth generation models of iPod Touch also got iOS 5 upgrade. However, perhaps the quality matters in all the devices.


This is really fascinating to just stay on the Home screen and pull down the notification from top to the bottom to check the app’s updates, social networking updates, downloading, and much more. Notification list is the most easiest and loving part for all users. No more comes pop-up menus, now it is the time for a list of Notifications that combine with app updates, missed calls, messages, emails, stock ticker, and current weather. You can access it just by swiping your finger down from top of the screen. Even if your screen is locked, you can pull down the notification and swipe back up. This is amazing for those who want to keep a check on updates. Once checked, you can simply tap on the X button next to each line for deleting the items.

This is exciting as the notification system of iOS has remained largely unchanged and now this upgrade will call many people to check it.

Apple iOS 5 Notification


It is an app that brings all the magazine subscriptions in a central place. This is a concept which can be compared with iBooks. You can subscribe to a publication via new channel provided in the App Store. The new issues can be found at the background, so you don’t need to manually check them.

This app has got success on iPhone, but it mainly depends on few key points – how much you can bear on smaller device and how much digital content you like to read and purchase. But it’s a good concept to deliver news to a person. Reading magazines on iPad has become easier these days due to the bigger screen which is also now found in iPhone. The 4-inch screen is a good choice to access the contents. The company created its own app rather than allowing third party access.

Twitter Integration

With the launch of iOS 5, users were able to share their photos to social networking sites. Now once can directly upload photos without leaving image gallery or camera application. You click the image and directly share on various places of your choice. This is an added convenience as programmed by Apple. This change has been appreciated by users who can add their location, sync Twitter with other contact list, and can tweet directly from Safari, youTube and Maps. Twitter got a lot of visible and appreciating changes which was earlier absent.

Apple iOS 5 Twitter


The mobile version of Apple’s web browser was made available with Reader option after the launch of iOS 5. Users can now enjoy multiple articles in a RSS-like view excluding the ads. This will eradicate the complication of layouts of different Web sites. One can email the entire text of a Safari page to a contact. So one gets an opportunity to access iOS optimized layout for reading articles. The Reader option is altogether a good choice. Tabbed browsing has been introduced on iPad through which one can add a web page to a reading list for future access on any iOS device.


Reminders is an important option for people who want to store a lot of to-do lists with dates for each event. One can also categorize each reminder with the help of GPS location. This is an exciting feature where all you need to do is to put a reminder of “call home when I leave office” and the app will use GPS to check your move and send reminder through a push notification. Users can also share reminders between sync and other devices with iCal on the Mac with CalDAV, and also on MS Exchange in Windows.

It’s a good thing for those who always forgets things and need a backup to remind everything. At least, with the help of GPS system, you will be boon with reminders.

Apple iOS 5 Reminder


Some of the requested features have been added to iOS 5 where the camera app has become much more appealing. Users will get more of an experience in a point-and-shoot like camera. A shortcut is created on the lock screen from where you can launch the camera immediately without even unlocking the screen. Just double-tap on the Home button and you will get a list of basic music controls and camera icon. You can use volume control to click a photo. Some of the features that you may like are grid lines, autofocus, pinch to zoom, and changing exposure.

Once you click a photo, you get options to edit the image with red-eye reduction, crop, and a single tap for color correction. You can crop with resizable image, rotate the image, and do a lot of changes on a single image. This basic editing have of course closed the doors for third party apps like Photoshop Express.

Apple iOS 5 Camera


The iOS Mail app now includes rich text formatting, flagging of messages, better indent control, and drag addresses between To, CC and BCC lines. This new upgrade also lets the user search within the body of a message rather than just in the To, From and subject lines.

At last, mail has become easy to use in iOS which was required since long, more to the business people. One awkward thing is the selection tool that still not comfortable to use, especially for large blocks of text.

Apple iOS 5 Email

PC Free and iCloud

This is the most promising change that Apple has made available for its users. PC Free will let you enjoy over-the-air software updates and device activations. This will eradicate the condition of plugging the device into a computer. This way, users will be able to back up, sync, and restore the device using new iCloud features. New features are provided within apps such as creating and deleting calenders, wirelessly editing photos, and managing email folders. For syncing the iOS device to iTunes on computer, one need to stay on Wi-Fi network and the device needs to be charging.

Game Center

For gamers, Apple has added some features in iOS 5 including profile photos, comparison of achievement points, recommended friends and games, friends of friends lists, buying games directly from Game Center, and support for turn-based games. Though this looks good, but it still can be said as a same like iOS 4 for its service.

Apple iOS 5 Game Center


An instant messaging app has been designed that will keep everyone connected who use iOS 5 devices. This is just like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) where users can exchange unlimited text messages, videos and photos. In fact, messages won’t cost anything and there is no monthly allotment of messages from your wireless carrier. Group messaging can also be done along with an indicator that explains that someone is typing a message. Other than this, delivery, secure encryption, read receipts, and conversation syncing are available. Well for iMessage, you need to have access to Wi-Fi or 3G networks.

iMessage can be seen with a little changes on iPhone messaging system where new features say bye-bye to the third party paid chat apps like in iTunes App Store.

Apple iOS 5 iMessage

Find My Friends

This feature was announced at the unveiling of iPhone 4S. Find My Friends is an exclusive app given with iOS and allows users to view friend’s and family’s locations in real time on map. This happens only when they are agreed to share their locations with the user who want to see. This is a matter of security and so one can set time limit so that the user can see the location for that particular time limit.

Apple iOS 5 Map


This is a new greeting card delivery app that you can send from your iTunes App Store. This lets you design your own card on iOS device and print on quality paper and send to chosen recipient. However, this service will demand you some price, may be $2.99 to send a card in U.S. and $4.99 anywhere in the world.

So, you can create your own greeting card by touching the create button.


This is a feature exclusively designed in iPhone 4S and was very popular among the audiences globally. It works as an AI voice control system where users can talk to Siri and do a lot of job without manually dialing numbers or performing tasks on device. The device will be kept aside and all a person has to do is to speak. For eg., “Remind me to call my mom at 4:30 PM” and this software will respond by setting the time in calendar and repeating the event for reminding the user. You can also text a message through your voice through Siri and can make bank payments in same way. This is the most notable technology that Apple has provided to the world.

Alternate Routes

This is another great feature for travelers. Alternate Routes is based on Map app and give you directions. However, there is a twist. It not only gives you one route to your destination, but the Map app will offer you with two alternate routes for your convenience. The user just has to touch a route to confirm which one chosen and it will show you destination.

Apple iOS 5  Routes


A lot of other updates are provided by Apple including hourly weather forecasts, new multitasking gestures for iPad, a new iPad music app, a split keyboard for iPad, iTunes ringtone store, Emoji emoticons, mirroring for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, and custom vibration patterns.

Apple tried to fix a lot of bug present in previous version, but iOS 5 is still a good update which users liked. Though the technology is changing with new updates and more functionality, you can expect the time to bring you more excitements. Notifications, camera and several other features worth your attention towards this update. Now iOS6 is made available to public and the craze for iOS 5 has already started diminishing. Still, it cannot be forgotten.

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