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Published On: Tue, Aug 21st, 2012

Samsung Windows 8 Tablet Could Reduce Laptops’ Demand

There are numerous speculations about Samsung Windows 8 tablet, which can turn out as a game changer. This is the most anticipated tablet as of now in the market which is demanded by many in the high-end segment. The tablet will feature a lot of advanced specs with added user experience. However, of all these things, one thing has been noticed that the powerful Windows 8 operating system will snatch the good times from laptop market.

Windows 8 Why Less Demand For Laptops?

Imagine, if there is a powerful integration in a tablet which is light weight than a laptop and all features similar to laptop are available in a tablet then who will opt for laptops? This is a simple question with simple answer that has to be considered. Some businessmen are waiting for this Windows 8-based tablet to release so that they could take on iPad. Still, many think whether or not the Samsung Series 7 fit as a competitor to iPad. Despite this, Samsung Windows 8 tablet seems to have external keyboard and docking station that makes it just another alternative to the laptop. So, it is quite obvious to see less demand for the laptops or more likely it can even beat iPad.

Other reasons that make this tablet more acceptable in the market than laptops are its portability, quick access, and OS designed for touchscreens that come of all sizes. The Series 7 is twice bulkier as compared to iPad, but weighs less than many other full-featured laptops. However, it boots up quickly and its new operating system makes the job much easier for many. This device becomes a easy to access and administer Windows computer that is more appealing than any other devices in the market.

Samsung Windows 8 Review

Samsung Windows 8 Easy to Use :

One simple example of this advanced tablet is its Windows Platform that allows you to access the touchscreen without rolling your mouse. Just tap on the small, square tiles and you will be moved instantly from calendar app to desktop programs, maps, and photos. The tile icons are dynamically designed for which I should give some extra stars to Microsoft’s technology and its Windows 8 Start screen. Not only this, users will be fascinated seeing the new email pops up on the tile as notification, weather report changes and live weather tile gets updated soon. These are some of the lively features that Samsung has made available for its enthusiasts.

The device would come pre-loaded with Office Pro Plus that will let you access Microsoft Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint. Creating documents with them are simply a quick job and you don’t have to face any bug in using the larger touch screen device. Enjoy finger gestures for program navigation is the added fun. Well, initially you may feel a little weird to use this feature as you are more habituated using the mouse control, but trust me, this will make you its fan soon.

As far as typing is concerned, this Samsung Windows 8 tablet offers you just the pleasing experience. The touchscreen works smoothly like butter where you do not have to use the physical keys. In fact, expect less typos due to the wide character keys in this device. The numeral page comes with different style as Microsoft has separated the left sided punctuation keys from the number keys which are at right.

Samsung Windows 8

Windows 8 Accessories for Convenience :

One of the best things about this tablet is that the manufacturer is focusing on typing where even employees can think of typing easily on a tablet rather than typing on laptops. For this reason, Microsoft has also offered a docking station as well as a Bluetooth keyboard for which you need to shell out extra money, providing complete laptop-like experience.

Samsung Windows 8 Warning :

As we are very well aware that every gadget has to bear one or the other flaw, no matter how good it is in the market, this Samsung Windows 8 tablet gets the same fever. While accessing Microsoft PowerPoint, you will be asked for 25-digit product code that gives access to rest of the Office Pro Plus suite. Not only this, while accessing other apps, you will be asked for access code like for say SkyDrive password for accessing Microsoft Live Web mail. This set up is much like those when you buy a new Windows computer and enter software keys for new software downloading. However, this will slow down the device a bit.

Samsung Windows 8 Tablet

Conclusion :

The device is not less than any computer and weighs around 2 pounds or double the weight of iPad; still unclear. However, if you believe on what Microsoft has said, there would be a lot of Windows 8 based tablets in the market by October. You can expect some of the devices to be lighter in weight and some of them heavier as compared to Series 7 machine.

As far as the performance is concerned, Microsoft has already offered a series of Windows versions to run the tablets smoothly. The device once launches in the market will attract many users. Nevertheless, it will also be suitable for the corporate users. The speculations have already won a lot of hearts who overlook Apple’s product just to experience this overwhelming replacement of laptops.

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