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Published On: Tue, Sep 18th, 2012

Now GPS Shoes Will Guide You Home: Just Click the Heels to Start

Now you can get access to GPS system without even carrying your device. This is a unique GPS setup that gives you complete convenience while traveling around. You go for walk, jog, dine, or anything, the GPS will go along with you. Wondering how? Well, this is a unique technology that comes equipped with your pair of shoes. It is called as GPS Shoes that guide you home with just a click of heels.

This GPS-enabled shoe gives you complete convenience and does not let you go lost on your way. A pair of GPS shoes works once the person simply clicks on the heels to get it started. This technology has been created by British designer Dominic Wilcox who has programmed it to guide the user to home no matter in any corner of the world he is.

GPS Shoes

The designer was inspired by ‘The Wizard of Oz’s protagonist’, Dorothy Gale who was finding way to return home after getting lost in the fantasy land of Australia. Dominic Wilcox on his official website said – I thought about the film and how Dorothy could click her shoes together to go home. I drew an illustration that I etched onto the sole and chose a red calf leather for the inside as a small reference to Dorothy’s red shoes.

GPS Shoes Guide You Home

This is a pair of men’s leather shoes that is smartly equipped with a GPS receiver in the left heel and also comes with an antenna in red tag that can be seen fitted at the back. However, it will only function the way you want when you will upload preferred destination to the shoes through a custom-made mapping software as well as USB cable. Using these things, you need to activate the GPS which will run after clicking the heels of the shoes.

GPS system

Each toe carries a separate box that features numerous LED lights and the right shoe gets a progress bar that displays the distance that the wearer has to attain. The left shoe displays a ring of lights that show right direction to the wearer so that he/she should not get confused or take the wrong way.

How do GPS shoes work

Northamptonshire, the Global Footprint Project of England has taken up this pair of shoes as its part. The project celebrates historic boot and shoe industry of the county. If at all you are interested to wear this pair of shoes and buy it then do not fail to share with us your experiences. Your comments will be appreciated below this post.


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