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Published On: Thu, Jul 26th, 2012

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio Review: Designed for iPad

Logitech has launched some of the classified keyboard cases in last few years,but this is the 1st time when I reviewed about a solar-powered device. Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad actually saves our electric power; now you can charge the device without any USB charger. You can use the direct light of the sun to charge this device. The Solar folio comes at a price tag of $130.

Users who are friendly with USB charger may get panicked, but Logitech predicts that if you fully charge your keyboard it will long for around 2 hours a day. It will take 6 hours to charge in a dim light but charging in a brighter light will be faster. Read further and know the good thing, bad thing and the specs of this Solar Keyboard.

Design and Display:

The keyboard is well designed and is wide; has taller keys, made up of plastic and has a plain look. The outer material of the keyboard is very soft, gives a feeling like upholstery fabric has been used. Base of the keyboard is about 9.5 inch. An iPad is apprehended by a rubber frame. You will find a small cutout to fit the buttons and ports.

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio


The keyboard case is designed to accommodate the all new Apple iPad 2. It actually helps to protect when it is in a keyboard mode or when it is closed flat. It is like a book seems to be soft from inside and hard from upside.

The other great idea in this device is its pairing process which happens automatically. Inset an iPad into the shell, bend it in the keyboard position by placing two projecting feet to the end and the keyboard automatically starts on. Everything happens like a magic.

Folio can adjust in two mode either in keyboard mode or in a reclined mode. You can move the upper body backward or downward up to 45 degree. An iPad helps to cover all the keys of keyboard except the lower row. Now arrow keys of the device help to rewind/fast-forward and also to control the volume. The space bar of the keyboard works for pauses and plays.

Company guaranteed the charge of the keyboard due to the solar cells incorporated into the leather cover. Back of the tablet is uncovered but that’s not a very big problem. However, there is a trouble with the magnet. When you open the case, the display of this device automatically gets locked and unlocked with the help of a magnet. You will find total 13 holes for speaker to produce loud volume out of the case.

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio Specs


There is no jack for an adapter or no space for AC charger connection.  Even there is no indicator to know the status of the charge, so it is a bit disappointing. No USB charger is provided for charging it while in hurry.


You can also find a web cam equipped on the device; has been incorporated in the black material. So you can take an advantage of capturing images and sharing with friends.

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio Price  Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio Features

Portable Protection :

This beautiful case is very easy to handle and provide complete protection to the more valuable iPad. The front and back of the device is well covered by the case which is very comfortable to slip in and out of your bag without worrying about the damage of this device.

Battery life:

Solar keyboard Folio does not provide excellent battery life. You can charge the battery via natural light. Company claims that with a fully charged battery you can everyday run the gadget for around 2 hours in two years before the battery gets dry. Battery will be charged completely in six hours. Folio is a built-in Bluetooth keyboard that can be powered by light (low light or lamp light) indoor or outdoor. So you get to enjoy charging and accessing this device even when there is complete darkness.

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio Review

Pros :

The Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio is a marvelous keyboard which needs an everyday sun light to charge and it will automatically switch off and on. It can also pair automatically when an iPad is in operating mode.

Cons :

The outer material of the keyboard is very delicate, it is more fragile, but comes for $130.  The case is so soft that while using an iPad it feels uneasy.

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio Battery


The stammering case design distracts many to buy this $130 gadget. Due to the fluffier keyboard cover, you get very good typing experince. The keyboard works fine without the need of USB charger that comes in use for charging or other work. Logitech provides a good quality keyboard cover that holds an iPad tablet properly. We found it very easy to remove and insert an iPad and use the keyboard while enjoying shortcuts to entertainment.

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