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Published On: Tue, Jun 12th, 2012

Kobo Vox Review: A Reasonable Priced Ebook Reader

The Kobo Vox is an ebook reader that is based on Android operating system and comes with an attractive design and good internal memory of 8 GB. Kobo has provided its consumers with a good device that gives access to a wide range of ebook which users can delve through and download free of cost. E-reading app and e-book store are the best offerings from Kobo that make this device worthy to buy. Users even get access to GetJar through which one can easily download free apps.

Kobo Vox Design and Display :

The main objective of Kobo is to give access to some amazing features while keeping down the cost. It is a 7 inches of Android tablet that comes for a reasonable price and is loaded with some good specs. The back cover of this device comes for different color options including black and white. There is no physical buttons except the touch buttons on screen. The black device comes surrounded with thick black border inside which the display seems pleasing. There is an expansion slot which gives access to memory card.

The Kobo Vox weighs just 14.2 ounces and its microSD card slot lets you access information stored in your separate memory card. The Vox sports multitouch display that provides a decent screen resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels and an antiglare coating.

Kobo Vox eBook Reader

Kobo Vox Memory :

The card slot can read up to 32 GB. However, the internal memory is itself enough with 8 GB in which you can store a huge spectrum of e-books. So, you might don’t require the additional memory. Well, Kobo Vox provides half the size of RAM as compared to what its rivals Fire and Book Tablet provide with 1 GB of RAM.

Kobo Vox Connectivity :

There is no Bluetooth available to this device and so Kobo Vox is called as the Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n only device. You get a memory card slot to connect to your computer and others. The device comes along with a standard MicroUSB port which is useful for charging the device. However, users will have to use this common trouble found in most of the bargain tablets where the device gets charged up with the included AC adapter. So, if you try to juice up this device with the help of a cellphone adapter, it won’t work.

Kobo Vox Price  Kobo Vox Review

Kobo Vox Operating System and Processor :

The Kobo Vox is powered by a single core 800 MHz processor which is less as compared to its rivals. Still, you can browse the stores and download with a good speed due to the incorporation of Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. It is the Android that gives access to the users up to 15,000 free Android apps. However, users will not get complete access to the Android Market, but will have to end up experiencing the free GetJar app store.

Kobo Vox Performance :

You get to experience all the features that are basically offered in an entry-level Android-based tablet such as calendar apps, email, Web browser, easy access to streaming media apps such as Radio and YouTube, and links to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, the provided app store enables you to add a lot of other apps, but not many are useful to you. Still, some of the best features are the integration of Kobo app and Store that gives access to thousands of tiles, newspaper and magazine subscriptions with the help of pre-loaded apps called Zinio and PressReader. The reading app is very useful and so are the social media features. However, if you compare it with other generic tablets, there is presence of Android app and they come for less than or around $150. So, there is not something interesting that turn on your mood to buy the Vox.

Kobo Vox Colors

When the overall performance is concerned, the screen of this device is not very responsive. You have to put a little pressure than those devices that come with smooth capacitive touchscreen.

Kobo Vox Battery :

The Kobo Vox gives a battery backup of up to 7 hours on full run with Wi-Fi off. However, if you run Wi-Fi, no wonder the battery will get drained much faster.

Kobo Vox Price :

The Vox comes for a price range between $184 and $224 if you make an online purchase from the reputed and reliable online retailer’s stores such as Amazon and eBay. On the other hand, if we compare its price to its rivals like Nook Tablet, it comes for $249 and Kindle Fire comes for $199.

Kobo Vox Review

Pros of Kobo Vox :

The price has been officially dropped to $199 by kobo which is comparatively an affordable Android-based tablet. The design is relatively attractive and the expanded memory is provided with a slot even after the presence of internal 8 GB memory. Free GetJar downloading apps are offered along with several others.

Cons of Kobo Vox :

The books take time to get loaded. The screen is not so responsive and the battery life is on par. The device is shipped along with a USB cable for charging and transferring files. Android Market cannot be accessed completely.

Kobo Vox Specs

Verdict :

The Kobo Vox e-book reader is comparatively affordable, but owners have to compromise with complete access to Android Market which has been identically priced like the Kindle Fire. Its bright user interface is a positive point, but again you have to forget about the 800 MHz processor offered by Kobo which is less than the 1 GHz processor offered by Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet. So, the choice is yours! Buy only if you are ready to compromise with less processor and full Android Market experience.

Kobo Vox Memory

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