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Published On: Sat, Jun 9th, 2012

Kindle Touch 3G e-Book Reader Review

The market for e-book reader has been expanded in past few years and now some leading manufacturers from tablet market have come up with their interesting devices to serve people in this segment. We have chosen Amazon Kindle Touch 3G e-book reader to review for our dedicated readers. So, without wasting time, let us explore this budget-friendly gadget.

Pros of Kindle Touch 3G e-Book Reader :

Amazon Kindle Touch is very sleek and has got attractive design. It sports high contrast touch screen and information X-Ray feature. The device offers an array of ebook store including reviews, books and lists.

Kindle Touch 3G Review

Cons of Kindle Touch 3G e-Book Reader :

You have to shell out extra $40 for ad-free version of this device. The 3G option is expensive. The device is a bit larger in size and is also heavier as compared to the non-touch Kindle.

What it has to offer?

Those who just cannot want to separate themselves from Kindle brand can now gear up to enjoy the new addition from Amazon. It is a new e-book reader which is named as Kindle Touch, because it has touchscreen that eliminates the presence of irritating buttons. The Kindle Touch 3G comes for direct $149 and comes loaded with a series of features. In fact, much of the exciting features come as standard to the entry-level Amazon Kindle which comes for $79 and has received good response in the market. This device offers an easy gateway for online shopping users. Moreover, users can even take notes which become easier due to the on-screen QWERTY keyboard. The device also features an interesting option – X-Ray that helps you to delve deeper into the books.

Apart from this, Barnes & Noble has also released its Nook Simple Touch e-book reader for $99. Well, we must not forget that Barnes & Noble is the major brand in eBook market and Amazon has stepped in with some choices that many people appreciated. This ereader has become more popular after the manufacturer dropped its price by $40, added ad-free design, and improved its speed. The Kindle Touch on the other hand gives a tough competition to this device.

Kindle Touch 3G Specs

Kindle Touch 3G e-Book Reader Options :

Amazon’s Kindle Touch 3G is available on the market in four different variants –

  1. Wi-Fi only with ads for $99
  2. Wi-Fi only without ads for $139
  3. Wi-Fi + 3G with ads for $149
  4. Wi-Fi + 3G without ads for $189

Kindle Touch 3G Price

Kindle Touch 3G e-Book Reader Design and Display :

The Kindle Touch 3G is a little more attractive than the Nook Touch. The device is slim in nature, smooth and comes with gray plastic bezel. The dimension measures 6.8 inches by 4.7 inches by 0.4 inches and weighs 7.5 ounces. However, due to its larger design, the device has become a bit heavier as well than the entry level Kindle. Amazon also offers a separate leather case along with its device for $34.99. Both the cases are offered along with built-in LED lights that are very useful during night. Amazon also offers a USB cable. However, there is no AC adapter offered with the device. So, users have to rely on USB cable for charging.

It is a 6-inches E Ink display that offers a good resolution of 600×800 pixels with 16 gray shades. Apart from its touch capability, the font seems crisp like the non-touch version, but still we would prefer Touch due to more functionality. Users can access 8 text sizes, 3 fonts, and 3 choices each for both line and word spacing. The base model of Kindle gives quick and smooth turn to pages. However, in Touch 3G you have to refresh the page after every 6 page turns.

When you read books on Touch 3G, you will not have to swipe the pages. In fact, all you have to do is to tap the surface of the touch display and enjoy delving into the books.

Kindle Touch 3G

Kindle Touch 3G e-Book Reader Performance :

The home screen of this device will give you same text based list (briefing of features available in your ereader, sorted as per last read) like other Kindles. You will enjoy the quick responses of on-screen QWERTY keyboard. The most influencing feature is the X-Ray where you just tap on screen and the device shows passages from the book that give insight of the ideas or concepts with descriptions from Wikipedia as well as Shelfari. As of now, you will only get access to somewhat 1000 books, but the manufacturer has promised to offer at least thousand more during its launch.

Kindle Touch 3G e-Book Reader Price :

Kindle Touch ebook reader is sold at Amazon’s retail for $149.99. The price increases as per the demand for more features into the device.

Review of Kindle Touch 3G

Verdict :

Amazon Kindle Touch 3G is a very responsive touch-sensitive ebook reader, but it comes for a price. Many will go for Wi-Fi only version and that makes sense to buy this gadget, without which there would be no use of this device if one cannot browse and download the books and others. However, read full Kindle Touch specs to know whether or not the device offers all those features that you are looking for.

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