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Published On: Sat, Sep 29th, 2012

Genius Ring Presenter: A Fascinating and Advanced Technology

Those who love carrying unique gadget accessories and items would die to get this product which is very rare. Apart from common gadgets, if you are looking for something new to interest you then do not miss to check out this awe-inspiring gadget.

It is a new product created by Genius and is christened as the Ring Presenter. Genius Ring Presenter is a wireless ring style touch cursor controller that has got built-in laser pointer. This device gives you opportunity to wear in your finger and flaunt around to show the uniqueness while drawing more attention of your friends and fellows. This device perfectly fits onto the finger just like a finger ring and comes with control pad for controlling the cursor. It is just similar the way we use normal mouse over a mousepad.

Genius Ring Presenter Price

This wireless mouse is made in such a way that it fits in any finger sizes due to flexible rubber used for good grip. The features that this Ring Style Thumb Controller includes are –

  • Cutting edge ring style touch presenter
  • Ring presenter
  • Laser pointer function
  • Natural rubber ring used for comfort fit and finger grip
  • Hardware control mode switch for presenter and in-air mouse
  • Lightweight and human oriented ring design which can be used by business travelers, i-users and people into educational
  • For processing action the device has received On-Screen-Display
Genius Ring Presenter Comfort Genius Ring Presenter Conveniance

Comfort and Convenience :

This fascinating device created by Genius is marketed as the World’s first ring style touch cursor controller useful for i-users, people or students into education sector and business travel. It is a lightweight design which can easily be carried by wearing on finger and can be used just like a normal mouse. With this new device you can easily access to controls over power-point slides and other files. It comes with Play (F5)/Exit, Next/Last Page, Laser Pointer, and Left Button. You can sit at any corner of the room and access the device for running a presentation. This device also comes along with in-air mouse function that gives you an experience just resembling the actual mouse with left/middle/right buttons, cursor movement, 4-way scrolling, and dragging. This is a comfortable device to use and browse internet pages and documents when you are traveling and cannot get access to computer or other gadget for internet connection.

Genius Ring Presenter Blue  Genius Ring Presenter

Battery and Functions :

This innovative technology gets its power from a slimmest Li-Ion rechargeable battery that has been designed to protect the environment while giving you complete support for entertainment. It is equipped with a smart battery-low detector that flashes in blue color when the time comes for recharging the battery. The device which is named as Ring Presenter runs a 2.4 GHz technology and functions up to a distance of 10 meters.

You get an optional adapter along with this gadget to charge your device. It can be directly charged through an electric outlet or can be charged by using a power bank. USB cable charger is used to charge this Ring Presenter directly from laptop or computer.

Color Choices :

The Genius Ring Presenter is available in seven color choices which are – Purple, gold, Pink, Blue, Black, Green, and Silver.

 Genius Ring Presenter Battery  Genius Ring Presenter Black  Genius Ring Presenter Color Genius Ring Presenter Pink

In the Box :

The package comes with several exciting things that are listed below –

  • Ring Presenter
  • Pouch
  • USB Pico receiver
  • CD driver
  • Micro USB rechargeable cable
  • Multi-language user manual

Genius Ring Presenter Cover

System Requirement :

To use this beautiful gadget, your device should be compatible to –

  • Windows® 7/Vista/XP or Mac OSX 10.6+
  • Available USB Port

Genius Ring Presenter Gadget

Verdict :

If you are really a gadget freak and loves carrying such unique products along then this Ring Presenter must not be overlooked. It gives you comfort, an exciting accessory to flaunt, and access to browse internet whenever required. This 9 gram net device supports USB 2.0, 1250 dpi, and optical sensor.

It comes with three options (button) where ‘M’ means using as mouse, ‘F’ represents power off and ‘P’ represents Presenter mode.

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