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Published On: Mon, Oct 8th, 2012

Autographer Wearable Camera: First Smart Camera to Sense and Click

The technology is endless if you start exploring gadgets and their uniqueness. This time, we have brought something new to you. Autographer wearable camera, a new technology useful in many ways for photographers or general users. This camera is useful for photographers who don’t want to miss anything or any moment important to click. Carry this little device and flaunt around which saving all those pics you are willing to have.

Autographer Wearable Camera

What’s New?

The autographer wearable camera has got a sensor that automatically triggers its sensor and makes it work for you without adjusting the shutters. This sensor accesses the shutter by its own and deliver you good picture whenever required. The company that has created this new technology is named Oxford Metrics Group (OMG) and has announced the launch of this camera in November. This cool gadget is designed to be worn around the neck just like a pendant. It takes all those pics when its sensor is triggered by something interesting happening around.

Autographer Wearable Camera Review

How is it operated?

This unique gadget is operated automatically through the help of its sensor which triggers the shutter when it detects any change in color, direction, temperature, acceleration, and subject notion. This device silently clicks the moment and saves in its backup for the user to access manually. It has a 5 megapixel sensor that delivers good quality images. As said by the designers of this gadget, it holds a natural fish-eye like look when you see the final images during day.

New Autographer Wearable Camera

It has back illuminated sensor which is alike the one used in a smartphone including a fixed focus 0.6m infinity glass lens. This lens ensures both quality and durability.  However, there is one change in this camera, wider angle of view as compared to those camera phones. The camera weighs just 58 grams and does not include flash support which could be very annoying during darker situations.

It also retains a battery to run and easily give you full day access. With 8 GB internal storage space, the Autographer wearable camera is a good device to carry along. It offers you abundant storage to click images and save in it. In this space, you are free to click a lot of photos, record locations through GPS and share files through Bluetooth support.

Cool Gadget

The device also has setting option for the sensitivity of the sensor that allows you to take as many pictures as you are looking for. The Autographer will be sold online following the release on November. Owners can bag this device for £399 ($641).

Unique Gadget

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