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Published On: Sat, Nov 19th, 2011

Samsung Series 9 Laptop Review

Quick review of Samsung Series 9 laptop

The competition for light weight portable laptops is increasing as the brands trying to attain highest sales by providing unique features to entice people. Be it the luxurious and thin MacBook Air or the Ultrabooks, the luxury, portability and beautiful design all can be found on Samsung Series 9.

The Series 9 was launched as 13.3 inches Intel Core i5 version and then Samsung carried it forward with other variants in the market. The followed models were 13.3 inches Core i3 and i7 processors.

Samsung Series 9 Laptop

Series 9 Design :

The Samsung Series 9 is an 11.6 inches laptop which looks much like a netbook as it has received small screen and very less weight. The weight is measured at just 1 kilo. The material used on the body looks far more luxurious than the other features of this laptop. It boasts a case of black Duralumin and is very durable or you can say is twice stronger than the aluminium, but the weight is really light. A thin silver trim can be found lined around the laptop and increases the elegance of the laptop. The power connector can be found at the left side whereas; the Kensington lock slot is located on the right. Additional premium features of the design part include the backlit keyboard, packaging and 15.9mm profile.

The laptop also features sealed battery and interfaces at both left and right directions which are hidden by a movable plastic flap. Moreover, the left side provides micro-HDMI port, a USB 2.0 port, and proprietary jack required to connect the Gigabit Ethernet adapter. On the other hand, the right side holds a slot of microSD card, a headphone or microphone jack, and a USB 3.0 port. However, one flaw which has been found is that Samsung is still promoting the full-sized SD card slot when the world is moving to microSD cards. SO, you have to transfer files such as photographs from your digicam with the help of a USB cable.

Series 9 Performance :

Samsung Series 9 ReviewThis laptop provides good performance to effectively continue daily tasks such as word processing and web browsing. Well, if a Full HD YouTube video runs, we can find a small lag. Though, 10 tabs can be opened in one window along with chat windows and the laptop can easily run all of them while streaming music from music sites without any jerk in between.

We can resume it in below six seconds and within 21 seconds we can access the desktop from a cold boot if disabled the login screen of Windows 7. Quick SSD and 4GB RAM provides average performance of Series 9. On the other hand, graphics is not that challenging and best as compared to other high-end laptops. Series 9 can play a video of 1080p easily but after some time you will find it faltering in the process (occasionally). However, its 720p playback feature is something to praise for. Sound quality is great with twin stereo speakers which are simply powerful even though the laptop is quite tiny. Series 9 provides rich sound and boasts a wide sound stage, giving more output while watching movies. Bass is little less, but when you play music, you’ll always enjoy its sound quality.

Battery :

According to Samsung, the 4-cell 5680mAh battery can easily run for 6.1-hour, but while testing it, we have found that the time falls short if we use browser and other programs. In fact, if we use the energy efficient Samsung Optimized power profile with 40 percent of brightness, we only get 3-hour 45-minute of time to browse the internet over Wi-Fi. So, the battery as per us is not at all impressive as it runs for very short time. One good point is that the laptop comes with a small tablet style charger which is very light and easy to carry around with the Series 9.

Samsung Series 9 Features :

Considering the size of this Samsung Series 9, it is almost close to a netbook, but the features of its interior are very challenging. This 11.6 inches laptop consumes an ultra low voltage processor (1.3GHz Intel Core i3-2357M). Besides, it has Intel HD Graphics 3000, 64GB SSD, and 4GB of DDR3 RAM. The best is it easily runs the Windows 7 Home Premium. Its resolution is 1366×768 pixels which beats the netbook, and features LED backlight which is brighter as compared to the average at 340 nits. Angles for viewing are simply wonderful and the colors are literally alluring, especially because it features all 16 million colors on its screen. Also the touchpad functions quickly and does not have any buttons. The cover looks simply elegant due to the metallic stripped body with only the logo of Samsung is present at the right, adding to the beauty of this laptop.

Samsung Series 9 Specs

The Bottom line :

With such ultraportable laptop, Samsung has proved once again that it can provide great technology through its expertise that easily entices people at one glance. In fact, through Series 9, it has also challenged MacBook Air’s design by creating an attractively designed laptop which provides decent performance. Overall, the screen is fabulous, stereo speakers are amazing, and even keyboard is designed beautifully.

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