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Published On: Wed, Mar 28th, 2012

Samsung Series 5: An Inexpensive Ultrabook

An Ultrabook is basically a slim laptop packed with an excellent battery life and is capable of resuming quickly from sleep. Last year, most of the ultrabooks were introduced as 13.3-inch models and fulfilled above mentioned requirements. Later, CES launched 14 inches and 15 inch ultra-book models, which were similar to the regular thin-and-light laptops. These ultrabooks feature amazing combination of hard disk drives, discrete graphics and optical drives.

Design :

One of the most interesting features about the laptop is the marketing blitz by Intel. Priced at $949, the laptop is promoted as a budget item. So basically, we concluded that Series 5 is a mid-range laptop and an inexpensive Ultrabook. The gadget boosts an inoffensive and tasteful design. It has an excellent build quality and lots of attention is provided in the detailing of the gadget. It has a plastic bottom and a gray aluminum built. If you take a closer look, you would notice that the gadget looks impossibly similar to the thin Series 9; however it’s appreciable that it has machine in not 58 inches thick. Samsung’s logo is placed near the trackpad, which is surrounded by a super thin metal band ring. Other than these there are no bold embellishments on the gadget.

Samsung Series 5

Performance :

With one significant exception, Samsung Series 5 innards are quite similar to Dell XPS 13. It is packed with a 1.6GHz Core i5-2467M CPU process, and has a 4GB of RAM. The laptop has integrated HD 3000 graphics as well. However, the only difference is that this gadget is powered by 500GB 5400RPM drive and has a flash memory of 16 GB, which is almost double the 8GB memory used in higher-end Series 7 Chronos by Samsung. The innards of Samsung Series 5 accelerate the start-up process and reduce the resume times. In addition to this, it launches apps quickly. The ultrabook boots in almost 21 seconds, so that you don’t have to wait for Windows to complete loading. Moreover, it wakes from sleep within two seconds. Samsung Series 5 does a better job in dissipating heat as well.

Keyboard and Touchpad :

You would really enjoy typing on Samsung Series 5, thanks to its island-style keyboard. The ultrabook features large matte black keys and a slightly gritty surface. One of the drawbacks of the keyboard is that it doesn’t have a backlit. This might be the major reason that made this excellent system relatively affordable. Additionally, it has a spacious 4 x 2.1 inches Elan touchpad, which offers multi-touch gestures that are easily executed. The ultrabook flaunts large and discrete mouse buttons as well.

Samsung Series 5 Specs

Battery life :

With approximately 70 percent brightness and webpage being refreshed constantly at 60-second intervals, Series 5 ultrabook gave a battery backup of almost 8 hours and 14 minutes. In addition to this, when Wi-Fi was being used it offered a batter life of 6 hours and 49 minutes. However, reducing or increasing the brightness could affect the battery backup. Overall the gadget offers a battery life of almost 10 hours.

Samsung Series 5 Review


Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook boosts a bright and matte display. It features discrete graphics and a comfortable keyboard. It offers two-finger easy scrolling on its stylish touchpad.


One of the major drawbacks of the Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook is its weight and size, which is very much similar to the mainstream non-Ultrabook laptops. Moreover, the ultrabook is costly than most o its competitors. The manufacturers could have worked a little more on the off-axis viewing. The gadget could have some bloatware as well.

Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook

The Verdict :

Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook offers more features than the regular ultrabooks in the market. This 14 inches laptop is versatile and defends its higher price tag.

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