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Published On: Thu, Apr 5th, 2012

Limited Edition Samsung Series 9 Laptop: Features Crystal-Studded Lid

Now this is something that you would always chase for. It is the Samsung’s Series 9 Ultrabook that is a limited edition offered by the company to showcase its unique design concept. This new edition has something awe-inspiring in terms of design and which is why this limited period Samsung laptop would go miles away. QVC is in move to sell these limited edition Samsung Series 9 laptops which are designed uniquely with some real crystals adorned on the lid.

Display :

The display of Series 9 sports its high definition 13.3 inches of LED display, making the device more functional and portable. Well, it is also light in weight and can easily be carried to various destinations without any hassle

Samsung Series 9

Design and Hardware :

The only thing for which Samsung lovers would go to buy this laptop is its fascinating design that turns things upside down. A line of crystals can be found flowing over the lid of the laptop, set on a Midnight Blue chassis. Some of the top features that this laptop holds are listed below. So, check out what this laptop has to offer in design parts.

  • The lid of Samsung Series 9 laptops are crystal-studded, increasing the overall appearance of the gadget
  • The laptops are available in total two shades which are Midnight or Moonlight Blue and Luxury Rose Gold
  • Aluminum material is used to make strong body of Series 9 laptops

Samsung Series 9 Limited Edition

Other than the spectacular design, the laptops will offer two ways to access it – one is the standard keypad and other is the touchpad which are common in other laptops. Other than this, a standard Bluetooth communication is also provided which is again a common feature that can be found in other laptops. The laptop comes loaded with standard webcam, 3.5 mm headphone jack, USB ports and RJ 45.

The first such glittery crystal-studded laptops were developed by QVC and displayed at the IFA in 2011. However, it became a reality for those who like to flaunt their beautiful and extra-ordinary looking laptops in front of people. Well, there is another reason for turning this concept into a reality – many gadget fans placed their orders to get such beautiful devices. The date is set for this limited period edition, but the pricing is yet to be revealed.

Performance and OS :

This limited edition crystal-studded Samsung Series 9 laptop is powered by an Intel Core i5-2467M processor. This means, the laptop will run fast and can effectively play its role. Other than this, the laptop will be supported by Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.

Samsung Series 9 Review

Memory :

For storage, Samsung offers 128 GB SSD card that allows most of your files to be stored in it comfortably.

Other Features :

The Samsung Series 9 crystal-studded laptop is destined to be launched first in the United States with just its unique design. Despite its crystal studded design, it sports all common specs and features which can be found on other high-end laptops. The Korean manufacturer, Samsung had first unveiled its next-gen Series 9 laptops in CES 2011. Users might love this device, especially because of its pleasant design, but they have to compromise with a low end model and that too probably at higher price. Pricing of this device, is yet to be released, but we can expect the higher price would be set just because of the crystals that the laptop’s cover holds.

Samsung Series 9 Laptop

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