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Published On: Wed, Feb 13th, 2013

Origin EON17-S – Powerful gaming laptop

The third gen Intel Core i series chips are out now and they are following same path as second gen ones. They first released it with quad core high end Core i7 chips and followed later by dual core everyday versions seen in most of the mainstream laptops.

This means, if you want the first batch of chips, then you will need to get high end system and this will be made for the serious gamers. Origin is a company found by former employees of Alienware and they are offering new processors in their EON17-S high end gaming notebook.

Apart from the newer processor inside, the Origin EON17-S priced at $3,499 is quite similar to its predecessor which we saw last year. It is still the same 17 inches Clevo laptop chassis. Clevo is a manufacturer from Taiwan and this company makes generic notebooks which are rebranded or tweaked by other companies. This laptop has custom panel at the back which is new. Apart from that, the interior and chassis are largely the same.

The review model which I got didn’t have the new lid panel as it wasn’t ready then. However, while buying this system, you can order it with new or old lid design. The newer lid has finned and angular look and it is clearly inspired by Alienware products.

Origin EON17-S gives you latest hardware inside but the new CPUs are focussed largely on integrated HD 4000 GPUs. This laptop has Nvidia GeForce 675M GPU inside and hence you won’t get to appreciate the performance of the integrated graphic cards here.

Origin EON17S Specs


Origin EON17-S price starts at $1,592 and my review model had a price tag of $3,499. There are plenty of customization options for this laptop and the price will go up as you opt for more expensive components inside.


The design of the Origin EON17-S is the same as its predecessor and hence the chassis looks familiar. This laptop is built with Clevo notebook chassis and it is made for laptop makers who can’t make shells of their own. Origin, just like some other companies, takes ready-made designs, customize it, test it and make some cosmetic changes inside.

Origin always puts custom back panel for the lid of their products. My review model had brushed metal look having logo of Origin on it. There is also finned design offered. You can customize the lid with different art and colours on the manufacturer’s Website.


The interiors of the Origin EON17-S are the same as its predecessor. The keyboard inside has an old style and you don’t get to see such keyboards much. The keys touch on base and taper on separate flat surface. We call it semi-island design. This keyboard is clacky but there is backlighting on it. Just like Alienware laptops, you can adjust backlight colour and it is spilt in 3 different zones. However, the options aren’t as detailed as that on Alienware laptops.

Origin EON17S Keyboard


Origin EON17-S touchpad is pretty basic and it has finger print reader located between right and left mouse buttons. Most desktop replacement systems have bigger click pads but gamers won’t mind this as they will be using a game pad or mouse while playing games. That said, this clickpad is sufficient for other activities like typing or Web surfing.


Origin EON17-S comes with 17.3 inches screen and having 1,920×1,080 pixel resolution. This resolution is standard for such 17 inch laptops. Screen is bright and crisp and the manufacturer is offering guarantee on dead pixels. If you find any dead pixels, then you can return the laptop in 45 days.

Origin EON17S Battery


Origin EON17-S review says that the audio quality is above average courtesy of Onkyo branded speakers and THX support. However, we would recommend you to use external speakers or headphones for watching movies or playing games.

Ports and connections

A lot of laptop manufacturers are dropping the legacy ports for saving money and hence I was surprised to see that Origin gives FireWire and DVI port on board. Apart from this, the laptop also has eSATA, DisplayPort, and HDMI connectivity. USB 3.0 too is available.

Origin EON17S Review


There are plenty of customization options on this laptop and this is biggest reason for buying this laptop. You have 23 options for hard drives and you can skip the optical drive for having more hard drives. There is also SSD option up to 512GB but it will cost you additional $900.

The options for GPU include Nvidia GeForce 675 that I had in my review model and GeForce 670M and 660M. There are also Quadro choices for pro level gamers.

For the processor, my review model had Intel Core i7-3920Xm chip inside and it was over clocked to 4.5 GHz. You have to be careful while overclocking as it might give problems of stability and overheating. I tested this machine extensively and didn’t see any overclocking problems.

These Ivy Bridge CPUs attracted a lot of attention but we didn’t expect much boost in performance as compared to the Sandy Bridge processors. However, the combination of new CPU with SSD drives, 16GB RAM, and overclocked CPUs gave me really high scores.


In my performance tests, I ran Metro 2033 at 1080p full HD resolution playing at 20.3 fps with Nvidia GPU. Playing with Intel HD 4000 GPU will give 8.8 fps. Metro 2033 is really challenging on system resources and hence I was impressed by these numbers.

Playing Street Fighter IV at resolution of 1,366×768 pixels gave me 216fps with Nvidia GeForce 675M and Intel HD 4000 gave me 31.7fps.

I also played Skyrim which is challenging yet adjustable game. The integrated GPU handled it well and dialling settings down gave me better results.

Origin EON17S


Origin EON17-S is a desktop replacement laptop and such systems aren’t expected to give good battery life especially with overclocked processor and powerful graphics card inside. In my tests, this machine could run for almost two hours.


People opt for boutique systems like Origin because they offer better service and support. My system came with detailed checklist covering the testing and assembly and was signed personally by the tech guys.

There is one year mail in warranty offered and there is just 45 days free shipping offered. For $70 more, you will get one year free shipping. The manufacturer is also offering 2 or 3 years additional warranty. This system includes life time support on phone. Finally, there is 45 days guarantee for the dead pixels.


Origin EON17-S is good custom gaming laptop and it also offers new components inside. The design is really generic but apart from that, this laptop is impressive with its features and performance. If you are looking for a high end gaming laptop having powerful GPU inside, take a look at this product.

Origin EON17S Price


  • 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7-3920 XM processor
  • 1 TB HDD (5,400 RPM) and 240 GB SSD (2x120GB)
  • 16 GB DDR3 RAM with 1,333 MHz
  • Intel HM77 chipset
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M and Intel HD 4000 GPU
  • 11.1 pounds – weight with power adapter
  • 17.3 inches diagonal screen size

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