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Origin PC EON17-SLX (2013) – For gamers with deep pockets

Microsoft and Sony are coming up with their new gaming consoles and hence gamers are really looking at PCs for gaming right now. Still, we have seen a lot of gaming PCs and laptops. We got a few gaming laptops in our offices for review like Alienware 14, Maingear Pulse 14, and Origin PC EON13-S. We also got some high end laptops like 18 inch Alienware Read More...

In OriginPublished 1 year ago
In Origin On Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Origin EON17-S – Powerful gaming laptop

The third gen Intel Core i series chips are out now and they are following same path as second gen ones. They first released it with quad core high end Core i7 chips and followed later by dual core everyday versions Read More...

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