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Published On: Fri, Dec 7th, 2012

Microsoft Surface Pro: A Quick Look

There are several reasons for stating that Microsoft Surface Pro is more like an ultrabook rather than a tablet. Here is the reason for why it is so. Read on to know more about this gadget.

It wouldn’t have been an ultrabook if the core silicon wasn’t used. Due to this spec, it has got much more like ultrabook finish. And the fact is that the core electronics call it an ultrabook and not a tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro Ultrabook


One thing that has to consider is the high resolution (or very high) which makes it an ultrabook first rather than a tablet. The screen resolution of this device is 1,920 by 1080 pixels which run pretty brilliantly on 10.6-inch screen.

The screen shares 208 ppi which is more as compared to the 148 ppi used in the Surface RT tablet. Microsoft had found it better to use Intel-Core i7-3517U Ivy Bridge chip that goes similar to the specs of silicon. The manufacturer has made a fair decision to use mainstream Intel processor than any other. This means, slower Intel Atom Clover Train chip in place of looking for better battery life that Atom processor offers.

Microsoft Surface Pro Price


Considering the specs of this device, you can easily make out that it’s an ultrabook, but more than that it has got tablet features where battery is not the major concern. Don’t expect this device to give you constant run for the day, but will go dead soon like other tablets do. The system as mentioned by CNET gave 4 hours and 13 minutes of video playback while testing the battery.

Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop


Pricing for this Microsoft Windows 8 Pro version of the Surface tablet has already been disclosed and was immediately been tagged as an expensive device that gets around half the battery life of RT version.

As announced earlier by Microsoft that the Surface Pro would follow ultrabook pricing, the cost goes at $899 for 64GB tablet and for 128GB the price is $999.

Microsoft Surface Pro Features Microsoft Surface Pro


Still the battery of this device is a good deal, but cannot term as a better of best battery life provider. It would be interesting to see whether the battery or the price wins the race in this ultrabook challenge. For that you have to wait till January.


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